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Which beard is best?

We’ve all heard of a million and one ways to stimulate and help it grow that extra inch or two; but let’s face it, when it comes to facial hair, you either get it or you don’t. 

For those of you guys out there that are still waiting for that initial strand to break through, this one isn’t for you. This is for He Who Has The Hair! The Brother with the Bristles! The Man with the Strands in Need of a Plan, and the Man with the Dream Crying Out for Men’s Shaving Cream

The guys over at GroomU, the male grooming specialists, have put their beards together to come up with a list of facial hair styles to suit different face shapes and types: 

The round face - When it comes to shaping a beard for the round face, we recommend letting the hair at the chin grow a little. The longer the beard, the less round the face will look. It’s also worth keeping the sides of the beard short and shying away from those big bushy sideburns. Of all the styles, the goatee is the ideal look for those with a round face and there are some great men’s shaving accessories available to help get the look. 

The pear/diamond shaped - face For pear shaped heads and prominent chins, we say ‘let the full beard grow!’ A full beard softens the facial features and minimises an overly prominent chin. Combined with long thick sideburns, the all-over facial hair should look great on the dude with the diamond. 

The square face - For the square-faced fella, we would usually recommend styles that make their bonce look slimmer and less box-like. Similarly to the round-face shape, we let hair at the chin grow and keep the hair shorter at the sides; growing the hair long at the chin adds length to the face and makes it look less square. 

The long face - When shaping a beard for the long face, we do the complete opposite to what we do with a round face. The longer face shape requires a beard that is fuller at the sides and shorter at the chin to make the face appear less long by adding width. 

The small face - It is important not to overcrowd the little space we have when styling a smaller face. Keeping a larger and fuller beard can make the face appear lost in the hair and out of proportion so a small and simple beard is your best bet, taking into account the rules for the appropriate face shape above. 

The oval face - Well aren’t you the lucky one! Anything goes with the oval face; believed to be the ideal face shape. You can do anything with the oval – within reason...


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