The Team

Our editorial team are experienced menswear writers who have a proven track record and true global reach from London to Chicago. The MenswearStyle team are a mix of journalists, fashion industry insiders, bloggers and menswear influencers who all have one thing in common - a love for men's fashion and men's style. If you'd like to join our team please get in touch.


Bec Loades
Editor-at-Large: With a strong passion for fashion, Bec has retail experience in styling, sales and PR. She enjoys researching new trends and upcoming brands, alongside expanding her photography skills.

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Craig Landale
Editor-in-Chief: Previously heading up digital at a large menswear group, Craig steers the ship and has a passion for sustainable fashion, startups and British manufacturing.

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Dan Skinner
Contributing Editor: Currently running a popular fashion-based Instagram page, Dan is a fervent football fan currently studying PR and Digital Marketing in Leeds.

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Ivan Yaskey
Fashion Editor: Philadelphia’s streetwear scenes and working as a copywriter got Ivan interested in fashion more than a decade ago. When not writing for us he works for a Boston menswear brand.


Nick Hogan
Grooming Editor: Better known under the pseudonym The Scented Gent, Nick is obsessed with fragrance and has turned a male grooming hobby into a successful working passion.

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Peter Brooker
Lifestyle Editor: With experience in running an independent fashion store, Pete is a London-based teetotal writer, James Bond fanatic and podcaster currently studying fashion design.

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Vicky Layton
Contributing Editor: Vicky is a budding fashion designer and occasional fashion industry model who is also a keen running enthusiast with a love for sports.