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How to wear Suits with Sneakers

Decades old sartorial rules have taught us that one must NEVER wear rubber soled shoes with a suit. Yet, those same rules persuade us to ensure our bespoke suit has non-functional details like buttoned cuffs and a ticket pocket. 

Thankfully, even the most traditional amongst us have accepted that all rules must be bent or broken. Therefore, it’s not completely taboo to throw on a pair of shoes with your suit. 

Formality favours a nicely polished leather soled oxford, so a sneaker would only suit a casual look, unless you’re trying to be ironic. 

Also, a suit and sneaker look is best worn in the warmer months of the year since casual suit fabrics like cotton and linen plus lighter colors outside of the grey and black family are better suited with a casual shoe

Here are some pointers: 

1. As mentioned, choose a suit that is cotton or in a light weight fabric in a khaki, beige or any other light color. 

2. A suit can be determined as being “casual” by simply asking yourself if you would pair it with a cotton t-shirt. If the answer is no, then avoid wearing that suit with sneakers. 

3. Converse and New Balance have solid colored shoes in black and white with a white sole. This type of look would work well with a cotton suit especially if the cotton suit is paired with a t-shirt.

4. The sneaker look can work with a collared shirt, but avoid wearing a tie. Instead, unbutton the collar and keep the jacket open. You may even consider rolling up your pants to reveal some ankle. 

A suit with sneakers is a perfect look for late night adventures, bar-hopping, afternoon martinis on a rooftop, and trips to Miami. It’s meant to be fun, free-spirited and most importantly not to be taken seriously.


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