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Fashion for men on the rise

While fashion in the early decades of the twentieth century was mainly a female issue, men have conquered the scene in the past 30 years or so as well. At first, it was the male celebrities, such as musician and athletes, who articulated their interest in fashion and have even contributed to advertising campaigns. 

Due to this, all men now had got inspired to care more about their own looks. Meanwhile, the fashion industry for men has grown very much and many styles have established themselves over the years. Here are some examples: 

The hip-hop style: Coming from the USA, this style has been popular since the 1990s when hip-hop became a major music style in Europe. Baggy pants, big sweat shirts and skater shoes make real rappers out of the teenagers. If they are really ambitious, they also combine heavy jewelry like bracelets or big rings with their styles. 

The rock style: It has been popular since the sixties. A pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt printed with one’s favorite rock band, trainers and, as a nice accessory, a motorbike of course. This style has never been gone since then. 

The gentleman style: A black suit, well combed hair, a straight figure – one immediately thinks of James Bond. And this character is a good example. It is a style definitely not for everyone, but it is a distinctive one. 

What all these styles have in common is that they allow the man to combine it with jewelry and accessories. There is one decorative item, which never interferes with any style, and that is a luxurious watch. A classy timepiece should embellish every mens' wrist as they make great accessories, which go well with the above described styles. 

An Omega watch for instance immediately reminds us of 007 and Breitling watches certainly never go out of style. Since Breitling watches are not exactly a bargain buy, one might want to check this site for bargains on Breitling timepieces. Generally, it is always a good idea to browse the web before buying luxury items. - One may be surprised how much money a thorough search on the web can save.

Image Credit: Zane Colquhoun for Menswear Style