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Magnum PI – A Major 2013 Style Icon?

The year is 1980, ABBA are number 1 in the charts with Super Trouper and Donald P. Bellisario later of Airwolf, JAG and NCIS fame is seeing his debut television series hit people’s screens. Some of you may still remember the year or even the exact date, but on the 11th of December 1980 Magnum PI debuted on the television. 

Over the next eight years viewers would see Tom Selleck grace their screens in 162 episodes set in the sunny surrounds of Hawaii. Now all this may seem completely unremarkable when it comes to fashion, some of you may already have grasped the focus for my post, but little did we know that some thirty three years later Magnum PI could be considered to be a style icon for the men of 2013. 

OK, we’re not looking at the standard 80’s moustache, or even the curly locks of hair on display – my focus is purely what Magnum PI wears consistently. For those of you that don’t know I’m talking about his signature patterned Hawaiian shirt as well as his slim denim jeans or chino styled shorts. 

The patterned shirt is set to be huge this summer, assuming that we in Britain get the weather for it, so when you’re browsing your favourite clothing websites or picking up news from the best men’s clothing blogs do expect to see brightly coloured floral, patterned or printed shirts from a wide selection of brands. 

From looking through the collections myself I’ve seen a wide range of colours appearing throughout the brands, so even if you’re not a bright yellow and green kind of guy you’ll still find patterns in navy blue and grey. In short and long sleeved, tailored and casual and with even the occasional appearance from a patterned polo shirt in some brands spring summer 2013 collections. There certainly isn’t a shortage of options, which means you and your mates are less likely to appear wearing the exact same eye catching shirt. 

What you wear with your patterned shirt is obviously weather dependent but the key style seems to be chino styled shorts in a colour that compliments your prints with a pair of loafers. Variations obviously occur so why not dig out those deck shoes from last summer, or even mix the shorts and shirt with some fairly casual suede shoes. 

Covering up the legs you’d be looking for chinos or a slim pair of jeans, with rolled up hems and anything from a pair of suede desert boots to a pair of brogues, or for the real casual look try a pair of mid tops. If you decide that the patterned shirt is for you in 2013 shop for your favourite with an open mind and pick out the pattern or print that you feel most comfortable in.

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