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Oversized Watches

I love answering questions that are often debated. Like, are beards acceptable or should men wear oversized watches. They are bound to be still up for debate after this discussion has ended. 

There are tonnes of men currently wearing oversized watches and as many who ridicule them for their choice of horological wear. I am the former. I am also the latter when men don’t know where to draw the line in size. 

An abomination of an example is the Diesel DZ7193! I mean, you need to know the time (At best in 2 time zones), surely not pummel someone to death with your wrist? I think the best looking (and by that I mean elegant, classy and masculine) oversized men’s watch is the Panerai Marina, in either black or tan leather straps. And then there is the Audemars Piguet and Hublot Big Bang

Alternatively, there are tonnes of affordable oversized watches in the market as well. Made by the likes of Fossil, Esprit (my personal favorite is the Octo Chrono that looks quite a lot like the Audemars/Hublot) and Casio. 

What we wear is generally associated with a memory or experience that is perhaps not evident or on the top of our mind. For instance, I love wearing brogues because as a child, I watched my close friend’s dad wear an extremely well maintained version for years. And I wanted to wear them when I grew older, to look the business. 

Then there is the question of what do women make of men wearing oversized watches? Is it like the notion around men driving large SUVs and thereby being, errrr, challenged in the pants? Turns out, it could swing either ways. The whole point is to draw a line (in mm) and not appear to overcompensate for anything. Remember, the watch is expected to stand out as your accessory and not just draw all attention to it, leaving you in the shadows of the ticking seconds hand.


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