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Limited Edition Bell and Ross Watch

When a luxury watch brand releases a limited edition timepiece, you know that it's going to be something mightily impressive. 

That's definitely what we have on our hands here with the, frankly rather jaw-dropping, Bell & Ross BR 03-51 GMT-TWG watch, which is a collaboration between the world-famous luxury watchmakers and the UK's leading independent watch retailer, The Watch Gallery

With only a mere 50 of these spectacular timepieces being released onto the market, exclusivity is the name of the game here because not only is this rather spiffing watch in incredibly short supply, it offers the sort of visual appeal that is definitely going to make it an essential purchase to a whole host of luxury watch aficionados.

 limited to 50 pieces

Bell & Ross are famed for the quality of their aviation style luxury watches and this limited edition offering really is the icing on the cake so far as that is concerned. 

This highly unique and brutish beast of a watch offers a load of features that set it apart from the crowd and just a few of these include a water resistance of 100m, 42mm stainless steel case, highly precise, automatic Soprod TT651 movement, photo-luminescent coating on the watch hands and a highly durable and resilient rubber and canvas strap.

 A truly beautiful watch close up

It's not often that Bell & Ross enter into partnerships like this and for those dapper chaps who want an aviation themed timepiece that stands out from the crowd and boasts an excellent level of exclusivity, then this model watch is definitely the one for the job. 

A fantastically designed piece and great collaboration between two powerhouses in the luxury watch industry.

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