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Selfridges & Co recently hosted a Bright Young Things 2013 event at The Concept Store, showcasing and celebrating the success of young up-and-coming designers. 

‘Bright Young Things’ is a platform for selected young creative talent to show and talk about their work. It is a chance to discover the very best in emerging British fashion, art and design talent. 

There were a number of young creatives at this event, but my focus was on the chaps. 

Alan Taylor, who has previously worked with Agi & Sam and Alexander McQueen, where his collection focuses on contrasting layers and traditional tailoring with a contempory twist, “With the constant barrage of imagery, it’s hard not to get inspired by other designers, so you have to learn how to ignore all of that”

I also met Daniel Pollitt, Royal college of Art MA graduate, who creates architectural designs inspired by natural forms. His work communicates a strong and distinctive mode of femininity, “My best advice for young fashion designers would be, to be brave and believe in yourself”

Finally, Hiroaki Kanai, who studied in the Netherlands before graduating from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Menswear. His design brings together a range of cultural influences from designs full of unexpected juxtapositions, “I love to play with boundaries. Finding some freedom of creativity within rules is an interesting challenge”. 

Overall this was a very innovate and creative event, and so much imagination was evident in their designs. These designers have such passion for what they do and MWS look forward to seeing what they have in store for the coming future.

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