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Photography by Craig Landale

The Trends of Pitti Uomo

Pitti Uomo in Florence Italy, is one of the most famous events in the men’s fashion calendar. It is when the utmost stylish Italian men take to the streets for what has been dubbed the “urban catwalk”. 

Street style photographers from all over the world such as Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman, are all looking for their next big front cover photo. 

At the home of "Sprezzatura", we were on the lookout for the next big trends in menswear – here is our top 5 seen over the few days.

Wallet Chains 

A menswear accessory you’d be forgiven for thinking was only for punks and rockers... or for that kid at school who’s mum made him attach one to his wallet so it wouldn’t be lost or stolen. 

Nowadays, sartorial gentleman are wearing trouser chains, key chains or wallet chains (all the same) with their formal suits and tailoring outfits. 

It’s an unusual combination and on paper it sounds very wrong. However, it looks really cool and the chain doesn’t look out of place, even when sat resting on a pinstripe wool suit. 

The only difference between these chains and the ones worn over the decades by the alternative characters is that they’re much shorter in length and a few guys combined lanyards for a unique look.

Suits accessorised with wallet chains
Suits accessorised with wallet chains


Not just scarves... but big massive ones that look more like a family sized picnic blanket. They’re draped all over the shoulders and necks of men this winter. The drape-ier the better! There’s also a trend for these scarves being made from a thin lighter cotton/silk mix material, in a quirky print design and interesting bright colours.

Large draping scarves
Large draping scarves

Mirrored Sunglasses 

We might be in the middle of winter but it seems sunglasses are going nowhere fast. The “in” eyewear feature is to make sure your lenses are not only mirrored but brightly coloured too. They're available in all types of colours such as blue, red, green and orange… or in a combination of colours.

Multicolour mirrored sunglasses
Multicolour mirrored sunglasses


For the brave men out there who always dreamed of being a super hero! Yes you can wear a cape to work without being sent home. This trend is the least likely to actually “take off” but we think it’s quite cool. Any guy who can work a cape into his daily outfit with confidence gets a nod from us! For a more practical option, we recommend the ‘Raincho’ by Norwegian Rain.

3 guys + 3 capes = 3 superheroes
3 guys + 3 capes = 3 superheroes


Since we’ve just launched our very own ‘MenswearStyle Bracelet’ with Tateossian, it was pleasing to see the high numbers of chaps wearing bracelets on their wrists. From classic leathers to playful beads, there was plenty on show. This accessory was either teamed with a watch or in some cases seen on both wrists. Be careful not to overdo it though...

Luca Rubinacci showing off his bracelet collection
Luca Rubinacci showing off his bracelet collection
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