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During the summer, it's fairly easy to decide on what to wear when you go out for a jog. When the winter weather blows in, choosing a fitness outfit can prove to be a challenge. 

Staying warm on your run is important but you can also overheat if you have too many layers on. This is the main reason why it's safest to stick to three layers and dress accordingly to the weather.

The First Layer 

The bottom layer, also called the base layer, consists of the clothing that remains against your skin. This layer should work to draw sweat away from your skin so you don't feel clammy as you run. 

Look for t-shirts that are made with polypropylene. These are lightweight t-shirts that are comfortable to run in and keep you cool while you work out. 

Stay away from thick fabrics such as wool and cotton. These fabrics absorb your sweat but are heavy and you're likely to become too hot while running in them. This is the only layer you shouldn't remove during a run so dress wisely.

Nike Shield Pack
Nike Shield Pack

The Second Layer 

The second layer is also known as the insulating layer. This layer is the one where you can add fabric that's a little warmer, such as cotton. 

This layer is designed to be removable if you get too hot, but it's also designed to remain on if the third layer needs to be removed. Something like a long-sleeve shirt like those found at Engelbert Strauss will work well for this layer. 

If you're aiming for something warmer, try a fleece jacket or flannel shirt. Both work great to keep you warm as you begin your run.

Great for running into a cold headwind
Great for running into a cold headwind

The Third Layer 

The third layer is the outer layer and usually consists of a jacket or rain slicker. The fabric should be breathable and fitting enough for you to run in. 

Stay away from wool and down jackets. These will cause you to get too hot very quickly. Choosing the right materials to dress in can make your run more comfortable. 

Also avoid wearing a jacket that's too large as it will only slow you down and add extra warmth. Stick to a jacket that has sleeves long enough to tie around your neck or shoulders in the event that you want to remove it. 

If you'll be running in rain or snow, wear a jacket or rain slicker that's breathable but also keeps the elements out. Don't wear an outer layer made of fabric that will absorb rain and weigh you down. 

Stay away from cotton, wool, corduroy, and fleece. These heavier fabrics should be worn as the second layer.

"Don't wear an outer layer made of fabric that will absorb rain"
"Don't wear an outer layer made of fabric that will absorb rain"

Choose Waterproof Trainers 

When you're running in the colder weather, invest in a pair of waterproof shoes. These keep your feet dry and you won't have to worry about your socks getting wet. 

Stick with an athletic shoe that has cushioning in the heel to make the run a little softer. Don't wear shoes that have a slick or flat bottom because you're more likely to slip when you're wearing them. 

Choosing appropriate layers for your activity is an important safety step. Remember to dress for the elements. With the right jogging clothes, you'll stay safe and dry throughout your run.

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