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Peeling Back the Layers of Style

While the weather can be dull and dowdy in winter, your fashion sense doesn’t have to be. You probably won’t be able to stand the cold in t-shirts and shorts alone, but the trick for layering this winter starts with basic pieces you can find in your wardrobe. 

Being stylish doesn’t just mean piling on all your clothes and accessories. It should look effortless and feel comfortable in any setting, all at the same time. 

Beat the cold by learning the art of layering. Mind you, this isn’t the pile-on-everything kind of layering and running the risk of looking like a sack of potatoes. This is about incorporating classic pieces and adding bulk or texture with the type of fabrics in your clothing. Remember the goal is to keep warm while staying stylish at the same time.

Winter season is the perfect time to experiment with your coats or jackets. Nowadays, designers have cropped, oversized, and collarless jackets - not just in dark colours but also pastels or bright coloured versions. 

We recommend colourful coats that can add pizazz to an otherwise predictable ensemble. Incorporate this season’s freshest colourways in the mix, such as green emerald

However, in lieu of colourful coats, you can still accentuate your outerwear style by using a bold Houndstooth pattern. Meanwhile, transitioning your spring/summer tops for winter weather can be challenging. 

The flimsy material of your summer shirts certainly won’t work with winter’s weather but don’t throw them away just yet, they’re not completely useless. 

If you have a bunch of t-shirts and Oxford shirts, wearing them during winter is still plausible. Layering can still make sense using your summer pieces.

"Winter season is the perfect time to experiment"
"Winter season is the perfect time to experiment"

1. Wear your t-shirts, shirts with your slim-fitting trousers and your choice of coat – cropped, oversized, or collarless. 

2. Or simply wear your t-shirts, shirts and pair them with your chunky knit sweaters and tailored trousers. 

3. Another layered look includes your t-shirt underneath your roll neck jumper, jacket, and jeans. 

4. To avoid the appearance of bulk when wearing two or more tops, keep your trousers slim-fitting. 

5. Remember, a wool coat is always a good investment for winter and throughout the year. 

Recall your essentials then go ahead and layer one piece at a time. Choose at least three complementing colours for a streamlined ensemble. 

You can also break it down to two colours with your garments and concentrate on an accessory, such as a scarf for the third colour. Layering is not only functional during this season but it should be stylish as well. 

It also doesn’t mean brand new. You can still work with garments from the previous season and layer them with your choice of outerwear for winter.

"The goal is to keep warm while staying stylish"
"The goal is to keep warm while staying stylish"
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