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Do You Have a Daily Skincare Routine?

Do men cleanse their face often and well enough? Recent news has seen Japanese men flocking to anti-ageing cosmetics. It's a simple routine which is just as important as taking a shower and brushing your teeth. 

Not only will you look younger and fresher you will feel better. Women will try anything and everything under the sun to have beautifully clear skin; lucky for men it is known that their skin ages later than women's! 

The basic steps within a skincare routine for both men and women are similar, however the skin types are very different. Men's skin is thicker throughout a lot of their lives as their hormone levels remain pretty high. 

In turn this produces more oil; therefore invest in a good cleanser. Up until a few years ago there wasn't many ranges of men's skincare, however these can now be found in almost any brand range.

If you are prone to breakouts and oily skin you need a deep cleanser that can tackle blocked pores to remove excess dirt and oils. 

Secondly ensure you exfoliate regularly; usually once or twice a week after a shave. Due to shaving you are building a basic exfoliant leaving your skin smoother and fresher; although this does happen slowly and is also uneven as areas in which you don't shave get missed. 

With this in mind you need a good scrubbing lotion that can clear your pores and prevent ingrown hairs in bearded areas. Just be careful if you have sensitive skin to use a product that isn't too harsh.

Savar Men's Facial Products
Savar Men's Facial Products

Lastly - moisturise! We expose ourselves to sun (well, the little sun we do have) and men can be less aware of the damage this imposes, your skin will need hydrating even if it doesn't feel it does on the outside. 

Again, dependant on skin types but it's best to buy an oil free moisturiser as this will help overcome oily areas; such as the "T-zone" - the forehead, nose and chin (recommended brands/websites for any of the above; Clinque, Neville, ManKind). 

Lifestyle plays a very big part in the appearance of your skin; all those late nights and drinks a plenty, smoking or stress will leave your skin dehydrated, dull and lifeless. 

The key things to remember is to eat a balanced diet, try not to expose yourself to too much sun, drink plenty of water and ensure you get good nights sleep!

Neville Men's Grooming Range 2014
Neville Men's Grooming Range 2014

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