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Exercising in Style

It's that time of the year again, the first glimpses of sunshine, the first time you crack out your shorts and flip flops - and your body is suddenly on show. 

Therefore, we start thinking about the inevitable summer and in turn, the beach body. Our mission is to get fit before summer begins and exercise is the number one priority. 

Exercising is no longer about being fashionably comfortable. No longer is it acceptable to find your oldest t-shirt with holes in and tracksuit bottoms from when you were a teenager to chuck on to go for a run. 

Going to the gym, cycling (Rapha SS14 above) or going for a run has become the perfect time to invest in some high-tech sportswear and look pretty damn cool while getting fit - a win-win situation. 

It is all about mixing fashion with practicality. It's no good looking super cool but not being able to exercise properly.

Of course, going to the gym shouldn't turn into a catwalk of "who has got the best gear", and the most important thing is the exercise, not the fashion. 

But with so many great sportswear clothes on offer these days, there's no excuse to be wearing those baggy, dirty tees! Many high street and fashion brands are cashing in on this need for fashionable sportswear and are providing some fab items. 

H&M recently brought out a great collaboration range with the Swedish Olympic team full of practical and fashionable sportswear, proving that you can mix fashion and sport. 

The collection has some great high-quality and high-tech fabrics. If they are good enough for Olympians, they are good enough for us!

H&M Go Gold Campaign
H&M Go Gold Campaign

Now, down to business. Begin with the most important element when exercising - the shoes. Many men wear trainers for everyday, not just for exercise so are used to the practicality of them. 

However, a great pair that supports and protects your feet can minimise injury as well as look cool. Nike Free Runners or Adidas Energy Boost runners are the perfect balance of both. 

Secondly comes the clothing. When working out you want to be cool and comfortable. Keep it to one layer if at the gym or a couple of layers if running in the cold. 

You can't go wrong with a micro-fibre t-shirt to let your skin breathe whilst exercising. Adding a casual bomber jacket or hoody when running in the cold will give you an extra bit of warmth. 

For the bottom half, joggers are extremely popular and are the comfiest option when running. Alternatively a decent pair of shorts will keep you cooler and give you more freedom when exercising.

Adidas Energy Boost 2014
Adidas Energy Boost 2014

With regards to colour, dark colours or whites are the best options to go for as they help to disguise sweat. There is nothing worse than someone wearing a bright orange t-shirt in the gym, all the more highlighting the wet patches all over their body! 

Finally, as all fashionable men know, an outfit isn't complete without accessories. There are some great modern accessories to help you on your way to fitness, from iphone apps galore to the new Nike+ Fuel Band, allowing you to track burned calories and steps taken, as well as setting fitness goals. The Fuel Band also doubles up as a digital watch for everyday use and generally looks pretty cool on your wrist.

Nike Fuelband Metaluxe
Nike Fuelband Metaluxe

Of course, you can't head off for a run without some motivational music. In-ear headphones are perfect for exercising, avoiding the dreaded earphones-falling-out-of-your-ears saga. 

Alternatively, over-ear headphones like Wesc Banjo Headphones or Urbanears not only look good, but keep your ears warm on a cold morning run. 

In conclusion, there really is no excuse to look like a mess whilst exercising. However, finding the right balance between looking good and looking like you've made too much effort is hard - don't overdo it. 

Laid back cool is what it is all about. What do you think about dressing well for the gym? What do you normally wear when exercising?

Urban Ears Spring/Summer 2014
Urban Ears Spring/Summer 2014
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