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Photography by Craig Landale

Montblanc Pelletteria Visit

Earlier this month, we were invited to a Montblanc exclusive dinner at the historic Palazzo Vecchio in the centre of Florence, Italy, for the launch of Montblanc Extreme: a collection of leather goods designed to successfully withstand the demands of man’s daily urban adventures. 

Pushing the boundaries of technical innovation to achieve new heights in durability and performance, Montblanc has created innovative high-performance leather, delivering abrasion resistance, water repellence and heat resistance. 

Montblanc Global Brand Ambassador Hugh Jackman was among the international VIP guests invited by Montblanc International CEO Jérôme Lambert to discover the new collection crafted in Montblanc’s Pelleteria in Florence.

The next day we were lucky enough to be given a tour of this very Pelleteria in Scandicci, on the outskirts of Florence. Traditional craftsmanship, state of the art technology and timeless design come together with the creation of every Montblanc leather piece. 

The leather category has always played an important part of Montblanc’s history with the company offering leather pieces since 1926, and opening its own leather workshop in 1935 in Offenbach, Germany to craft writing-related items from pen-holders to notebooks.

As Montblanc created other leather accessories, it recognised the importance of blending the historic expertise it had achieved over 80 years with the knowledge and skills offered in Florence. 

Established in 2006 in the historical centre of the Italian leather trade, the Montblanc Pelletteria has become a centre of excellence where a team of highly skilled artisans source the best skins from the tanneries of nearby Santa Croce to have them transformed into the finest quality leather pieces, adhering to Montblanc’s promise of continuously breaking new ground, while ensuring the preservation of century-old traditions.

The Montblanc Pelletteria brings together these traditions in one centre of competence, where they can be both preserved and advanced. The virtuosity and artistry of the Pelletteria craftsmen is constantly challenged with the development of every new collection, requiring the delicate balance of traditional craftsmanship and creative innovation. 

Every stage of the production process is overseen from one location: from the precision prototyping of each piece, to the selection of the leathers from the many Florentine tanneries along the Arno river, to the control of the production phase, and finally quality control and testing.

An extraordinary array of cutting-edge equipment, from climate chambers that simulate the hot and humid conditions of Asia to a one-armed robot whose job is to test the endurance of shoulder straps, ensure the pieces deliver durability and meet Montblanc's high quality standards, and the promise of delivering a leather accessory that will have all the makings of a fine lifetime companion. 

For those in search of complete customisation, the Pelletteria’s bespoke service offers the most discerning customers a unique level of personalisation. During this process, the artisans demonstrate their full array of skills as they bring to life these one-of-a-kind pieces.

A repair and renovation service is also available on-site, so that Montblanc aficionados can have a long cherished item brought back to prime condition after years of loyal use. 

The ability to control the full process from start to finish gives Montblanc greater flexibility and freedom to keep re-imagining the future of leather goods, pushing new boundaries in both technology and craftmanship. 

The strategic location on the outskirts of Florence not only provides easy access to the most exquisite materials available, but draws on the skills that have been honed for centuries by Italian craftsmen, guaranteeing that each piece is made respectful of tradition. 

From the stitches to the finishes, every minute detail exemplifies the core values of Montblanc, as flawless craftsmanship and unrivalled quality continue to flourish at the Montblanc Pelletteria.

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