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An Inbetweeners' Tour of Australia

Who can forget the first Inbetweeners movie where the hapless foursome, Will, Jay, Neil and Simon went on holiday to Crete in search of adventure yet ended up embarrassing themselves at every available opportunity? 

Well they’re back and this time our endearingly idiotic heroes venture down under to Australia for a backpacking experience, a little older but perhaps not much wiser. 

It's no surprise that Australia has been selected as the destination for the new film as this popular tourist hot-spot is about as far away from home as you can get, packed with endless fun and exciting, life-changing experiences to offer visitors in search of adventure. From colourful reefs to remote bushlands, the opportunities for exploring natural wonders are seemingly limitless. 

We’ve teamed up with Australia travel experts, Contiki Holidays to select our top five activities for travellers in Australia - perhaps the Inbetweeners lads will be trying a few of these themselves...

Learn to surf, Coffs Harbour 

Australia's reputation for surfing is world famous and with so much beautiful coastline it's a great place to learn or improve on your own surfing techniques. Coffs Harbour in New South Wales offers six different beaches, with swells and wave patterns to match any skill level. 

With plenty of fantastic schools, this is a prime spot for hopping onto a board and learning to ride the waves. If you're not up for surfing, there's also plenty of opportunity in the area for fishing, kayaking and snorkelling. 

The City to Surf tour gives you a taste of both the buzzing city scene and chilled beach life, Aussie-style.

"Australia's reputation for surfing is world famous"
"Australia's reputation for surfing is world famous"

Sailing and soaking up the sun, The Whitsundays 

The beautiful Whitsundays Islands on the east coast is a series of 74 tropical islands offering a paradise of idyllic, white sand beaches, warm clear waters and a wealth of fun and exciting activities. 

The best way to see the area is on an island hopping boat tour, which can take you to the likes of uninhabited Whitehaven Beach (considered by many to be one of the top 10 beaches in the world). Australian waters are perfect for snorkeling, containing a third of the world’s soft coral, 1,500 species of fish and 360 species of hard coral! 

Take in the crystal clear waters and the lush tropical settings of the magnificent Whitsundays Islands with the Island and Rainforest tour.

"see the area on an island hopping boat tour"
"see the area on an island hopping boat tour"

Watching the sun rise over Uluru, Ayers Rock 

Iconic Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) is one of Australia's most recognisable sights and no trip "Down Under" is complete without watching the red rock change colour through pinks and oranges as the rising sun reflects off its surface. 

A stroll around the base of this magical rock gives visitors a fantastic insight into the spiritual significance of this site for the local Aboriginal people, thanks to the cave paintings that still remain here. 

Enjoy the beautiful hues of Uluru (Ayers Rock) with a champagne toast at sunset, take a walkabout and dine on crocodile and emu on the Rock and Red tour.

"watch the red rock change colour"
"watch the red rock change colour"

Diving and snorkelling, Great Barrier Reef 

A must for snorkelling and diving fans, the Great Barrier Reef, off the east coast of Australia is the world's largest coral reef, boasting over 3,000 individual reefs and coral cays. 

The huge array of colourful flora and fauna here is breathtaking and the reef itself is the only living thing visible from space; it's even larger than the Great Wall of China. 

Find your base in Cairns or stay on one of the tropical islands scattered around the reef and enjoy boat trips out to the reef each day. Here you can expect to see the likes of turtles, sting rays, rainbow fish and eels thanks to the waters which are some of the clearest in the world. 

If you love sun, water, fun and adventure then the Beaches and Reefs tour is perfect for you.

"Australian waters are perfect for snorkeling"
"Australian waters are perfect for snorkeling"

Explore the outback, Northern Territory 

Australia's arid outback offers an exciting wilderness for hiking, climbing, camping and exploring, but this dry landscape can be a tough mistress if you stray from the beaten track. 

Learning some of the survival tricks of the Aboriginal people and understanding the do's and don'ts of life in the bush are crucial. If you're brave enough you can even taste some of the local insects and plants too. 

The tour starts in Alice Springs, the Outback's iconic and remote capital which is rich in Aboriginal culture and a great place to visit to understand the true roots of Australia. 

Sleep under the stars in a bush camp, take a hot air balloon ride, then grab a cold beer with all your new friends on the Outback Adventure tour.

"An exciting wilderness for hiking"
"An exciting wilderness for hiking"
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