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How to organise an epic stag do

In charge of planning your mate’s stag do? Be warned – your organisational skills are about to come under serious scrutiny, and nothing less than a truly epic stag do will suffice. 

Picking the right stag destination takes careful planning and consideration. Whether you think you’ve got it all sorted or you’re completely at a loss, pay attention and take some notes on these stag do ideas

We’ve got the scoop on how to make sure your stag do will be the stuff of legend for years to come. From where to go, to what to do - we’ve got it all covered.

Stag dos in the UK 

If you don’t fancy dragging yourselves overseas for a stag do, there are plenty of places across the UK that will make sure you have an impressive weekend. 

Our favourite pick is, of course, London. With virtually 24/7 entertainment, you’ll be hard pressed to find a dull moment in the city. Rain or shine, the party is always rolling – from beers on a riverboat, Soho clubs or the amped up atmosphere of the West End. 

That said, if you like the thought of big group activities, it will probably involve a lengthy trek out of the city, which can be less than ideal.

Fancydress on the London Underground
Fancydress on the London Underground

Fancy something with a bit more adventure in the air? We recommend heading westwards to Bristol. Bristol is perfectly placed for the kind of epic stag do that starts off on a go karting track, has a detour with some random cheese rolling, a brilliant night out in some of the city’s top clubs, followed by a furious bout of paintballing to wrap it all up. 

Whether you want to party non-stop or amp up the adrenaline, you’re never going to get bored in Bristol.

Paintballing in Bristol
Paintballing in Bristol

Stag dos in Europe 

Blighty not cutting it for you? Then your ultimate stag weekend is just a short plane ride away. There’s a reason why Amsterdam tops all the polls when it comes to the dream stag location. 

Is it the super-chill vibe of tolerance that fills this sunny-skied little city? Is it the fact that the coffee shops serve up a lot more than your frothy morning macchiato? Is it the thumping party vibe that takes over the city by night? We like to think it’s a mix of all the above. 

Looking for something a little different? We recommend Barcelona – watersports on the ocean front by day, go nuts on the rollercoasters and go-karting tracks, and follow it up with a mega cocktail of tapas, beers and all-night eateries, to keep you well fuelled as you work your way through the city’s many night clubs.


What to do 

The activities you plan will define your stag skills for the years to come, so nothing short of incredible will do. Thankfully, there are tons of brilliant activities to choose from. 

'All you need to decide, is what works best for your group – and how epic you really want to go'  

If you want to keep things fun but reasonably sane, old faves like quad biking, shooting, or even a spot of golf are always fail-safe choices. Pair these with some great drinks by night, and you’ve got the makings of a pretty decent stag day.

Golf is always a fail-safe choice
Golf is always a fail-safe choice

Fancy a bit more outdoorsy fun? How about paintballing or off-road driving down an obstacle course? Not for those who like to keep things comfy – but you’re guaranteed to have an awesome time – and the bruises to show for it the next day. 

Want top shelf adventure? Then it’s time to think completely out of the box. If you’ve got the balls to do it, you’ll find someone willing to help you put together the most extreme stag weekend ever. From bungee jumps and zorb football, to jet-skiing, fighting zombies and jumping off cliffs, you’ll be left with no excuse for playing it safe and dull.

Zorb Football
Zorb Football

How much should you spend? 

The average stag do costs around £100 a head in the UK, and jumps up to just over double that if you’re planning to go overseas. To secure the cheapest pricing deals, it’s best to book as far ahead as you can, and get your guest list sorted out sharpish. 

Summer time is peak season for stag dos, especially outdoors events, so you need to get your name on the list as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to pre-book nightclubs and activities, even if it seems like a long way away. Booking ahead might also shave a few quid off entry costs, and you might even get some freebies thrown in for good measure!

"The average stag do costs around £100"
"The average stag do costs around £100"

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