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Discover Il Bussetto

Autumn is coming and as the days are turning grey there are some essentials that will help keep your look cool and coloured. The Italian label Il Bussetto, seen at the last Pitti Uomo in Florence, produces a complete line of accessories for men. They have the best Italian tradition combined with manufacturing of leather and craftsmanship by the artisans of Himalaya.

The aim of the brand is to transfer the Italian know-how to enable new masters, no matter if they are from Italy or elsewhere – and to keep this skillful industry safe and alive. 

Every piece from Il Bussetto is made of bovine leather from handpicked farms in Europe, it is then vegetable-tanned in Tuscany using only natural tannins extracted from plants and mixed according to a secret formula.

"Inspired by the men’s shoe heel"
"Inspired by the men’s shoe heel"

The brand has several collections of small leather goods that are unique and instantly identifiable. The brand has added a vast product portfolio such as covers and cases for technological devices. 

One of its iconic items is “il tacco” a very special money holder whose shape is inspired by the men’s shoe heel. The simplicity of this item reveals a deep mastery in the processing of handicraft: the leather is modelled on wooden moulds, hand coloured and finished in a range of about 30 shades. From this season it is also available in fish skin, which is part of a new fashionable premium line. 

"Made of bovine leather"
"Made of bovine leather"

Together with a Swiss house of watches, Il Bussetto will also release a line of watches with two different straps. The classic will be interchangeable with a leather bracelet version in different colours.

Partnered with a Swiss house of watches
Partnered with a Swiss house of watches


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