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Blend It Like Beckham

Style starts at the skin with the new collection of men's cosmetics from MMUK MAN. Over recent years, we have seen the birth of the modern day man, quite rightly obsessed with all things grooming, in a bid to become the fairest in the land. 

'But, as the plate tectonics of male grooming slowly shift in the direction of cosmetics, isn't it about time you upped your grooming game?'

Featuring over 20 luxury cosmetic products, including concealer for men, foundation and brow gel, the MMUK MAN range certainly packs a good punch. With the likes of bronzer, eyeliner and tinted moisturiser also available from this wonderfully unique brand, you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck.

"Over 20 luxury cosmetic products"
"Over 20 luxury cosmetic products"

A little touch up goes a long way, as unruly brows, pale skin and common facial imperfections are instantly corrected. Now is your chance to get the red carpet treatment in the bathroom and achieve the complexion of some of our most admired male celebs. 

With Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Golden Balls himself all rumoured to wear a luxury Canadian based makeup for men brand, with 100% British based MMUK in your weaponry, now's your turn to blend it like Beckham.

Beckham is rumoured to wear makeup
Beckham is rumoured to wear makeup

Encased in black matte packaging, there's something that just screams masculinity with this line of men's cosmetics. With completely natural looking enhancements on the table, there is little surprise that more and more men than ever before are quickly getting in on the action. 

Banish the likes of dark circles, wrinkles and eye bags once and for all and quickly lay your grooming gremlins to rest.

Black matte masculine packaging
Black matte masculine packaging

*Portrait, David Beckham images via Shutterstock

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