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Water and Dirt Repellent Cycling Chinos

From time to time I’ll make my daily office commute a healthier one by hopping onto my bicycle. My journey to work is relatively short, and as such I prefer to firstly grab a shower at home and get dressed for the day, rather than chuck my lycras on and bring an outfit to change into. 

It’s a great privilege to breeze through the traffic and skip the morning rush hour I normally sit in; however I do find that my trousers take somewhat of a battering from rain, puddles and the dirt that accumulates in the nooks and crannies of my bike...

SPOKE London, a British brand originating in East London have developed a range of ‘Bulletproof’ chinos that have the potential to solve these problems.

"Swiss drill cotton fabric"
"Swiss drill cotton fabric"

SPOKE’s vision is to provide clothes that fit, feel and look great. As such, they concentrate on staple items; chinos, shorts and t-shirts, with each product line rigorously tested and developed to find the perfect formula. 

The ‘Bulletproof's’ are no different, and follow SPOKE’s unique sizing formula which allows for all body shapes and sizes. The chinos can be purchased in a variety of waist and leg lengths but are also tailored in three distinct cuts – allowing for the slim legged through to a more muscly build. 

The fabric itself is Swiss drill cotton, blended with a hint of elastacene and is covered in an invisible nano tech coating – the essential ingredient in making the fabric waterproof and dirt repellent – Bulletproof!

"Equipped with a drop down warning triangle"
"Equipped with a drop down warning triangle"

The packaging the chinos were delivered in was befitting of their hi-tech properties; a silver bag which required the top peeling off before breaking the seal to the main compartment. It was as if they’d been packed for freshness! You also get a nicely worded note from SPOKE themselves, thanking you for your custom. 

The whole package had a real touch of class about it. The fabric and fit didn’t disappoint either; a sharp cut slim fit, but with plenty of room for movement - they also felt really airy and light. I had no problems in cocking my leg over my bike and the elastancene in the fabric didn’t hinder my cadence either.

"Available in a variety of waist and leg lengths"
"Available in a variety of waist and leg lengths"

I’ve ridden these trousers in light rain and through the usual roadside puddles and they’ve stood up to both tests admirably. The claim that the fabric is waterproof is certainly true and any residual dirt (even the odd bit of chain lubricant), wiped straight off the ankles and calves with a damp cloth. 

Road safety has also been considered with the chinos coming equipped with internal reflective piping (visible if you roll the hem), and a drop down warning triangle in the back pocket which tucks away for when you reach the office. 

These chinos are ideal for the bike riding commuter or cyclist about town and are stylish enough to be worn straight to your meeting or an after work dinner date. You can tell that real attention to detail has been paid – from development and design, through delivery to fit and functionality. All in all, a big thumbs up for both the product and the brand!


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