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Oliver Spencer Launches New Store in London's East End

Opening on Calvert Avenue, quite possibly the most beautiful street in London’s East End, Oliver Spencer has embarked on a new showcase store. The vision behind the store is a collaboration between the furniture brand Another Country and Oliver Spencer. 

'Both brands have their finger firmly on the pulse of art and design' 

The partnership is inspired by archetypal British style, think substantial Oak shelves and beautifully finished long, elegant tables made of Oak.

Oliver Spencer’s attention to detail comes with a burnt wood finish, to enhance the colour of the blonde Oak wood. All the furniture and fittings have been made in England, using the most forward-thinking workshop techniques; creating a very modern wood-craft aesthetic; this really is a thing of beauty.

The new store, which recently opened is the first association of its kind, two like-minded British brands, building a long-term collaborative relationship. The result is a store, which underpins the values of both brands and creates a unique experience for Oliver Spencer customers. MWS Craig catches up with Oliver to find out more. 

Why Shoreditch? 

"We knew all along that the brand was suited to this neighbourhood, as there are plenty of our customers that live and work in that part of town. It was simply a case of waiting for the right store to come available on Calvert Avenue; my favourite street in London’s East End."

Tell us about Another Country and how this collaboration came about 

"Paul, who owns Another Country is a good friend of mine and being a personal fan of the brand it was very natural to work together on this store. Together we created substantial Oak shelves and beautifully finished long, elegant tables made of Oak, with a charred finish. Two like-minded British brands working together." 

Do you have an eye for furniture and interior design yourself? 

"Yes, I love doing interior design and naturally with that comes a love for furniture. I like substantial well-crafted wooden pieces; colour and texture, are always around. In-store, the interior creates the whole ambiance from which the collection sits."

"Inspired by archetypal British style", can you elaborate on this? 

"Art and architecture. London and the UK is nothing but a country full of eccentrics and nothing is more apparent in menswear at this moment in time. Traditional clothing is never quite traditional; it always has a twist." 

What does being a 'British Brand' mean to you personally? 

"Being born in Coventry I naturally feel very British. At the moment it is a very good time to be very proud to be British; British manufacturing is on the up, people are buying more ‘Made in England’ products, people are paying attention to it. We have a long, deep-rooted history with menswear. We are now just at a point in time where the world is looking at us for style, creation and commerciality."

Our Top Picks 

After a quick look in their store the MWS team have picked our a few winter warming favourites from the latest Oliver Spencer season collection.

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