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Photography by Craig Landale

A Guide to Male Style Sins and Faux Pas

Fashion. It’s not quite as interesting as sport for most men therefore the majority probably don’t really have it set as a priority in life. A shirt and jeans with a coat will suffice for most, but sometimes there needs to be a line drawn in the sand. 

'We’re here to walk through the top 5 Fashion Faux Pas men happen to commit regularly'

We've featured many of the usual mistakes from the number 1, "Don't button the bottom button of your suit jacket" to trousers that are far too long. Then there's the hilarious short-shorts and deep v-neck t-shirts. But today we're giving you the most common, so without ado, let's begin...

Wearing clothes that don’t fit properly 

Wearing clothes that are too big or too small for you is a huge no-no in the world of fashion. Women and men alike sometimes commit this fashion crime all too regularly. This fashion crime gives the impression that you haven't updated your wardrobe since you were 16 or you’re too lazy to use the store fitting rooms or get anything fitted at a tailor. 

Wearing a properly fitted suit to your stature, or trousers that fit your leg length and waist width perfectly, or shirts that accommodate your chest measurements and arm length to precision, all have to be catered for. Don’t look like you’re still growing into your clothes at 28 having bought them at 18.

"You’re too lazy to use the fitting rooms or visit a tailor"
"You’re too lazy to use the fitting rooms or visit a tailor"

Poorly looked after facial hair

Keeping your beard in check is key, everyone hates to see a patchy and unkempt beard. Look at your facial shape and shave accordingly. A wider face should be trimmed to the edge of your jaw line, up your neck and kept longer to give your face length. A longer face needs a shorter and graded beard to your hair length at the sides at least. Nobody likes neck fluff and they rarely look great so ensure that you regularly shave the five o’clock stubble, if not every day, every other day.

"Everyone hates to see a patchy and unkempt beard"
"Everyone hates to see a patchy and unkempt beard"

Wearing too many colours and fabrics 

This is hugely off putting. People won’t know where the fabric ends and you begin and your personality will get lost in there. Utilising colours and fabrics in line with the season is key to keeping you looking fantastic. Unless your name is Joseph and you’re saving Egypt in a Technicolor coat, leave all but three colours or two fabrics back at home.

"Leave all but 3 colours or 2 fabrics back at home"
"Leave all but 3 colours or 2 fabrics back at home"

Wrong shoes, Wrong time 

Wearing formalwear requires a certain type of mind-set. If you’re putting your Nike high tops on to a business meeting, you might not even make it past security. Choose your shoes to compliment the setting: wear black or dark brown leathers for formalwear, trainers with with a casual outfit at the weekend, and Sweatpants and slippers at home. Don’t think people aren’t looking when you’re wandering through the city streets in jeans and Tom’s in the winter, they probably think you’re mad.

"Choose your shoes to compliment the setting"
"Choose your shoes to compliment the setting"

The classic: Socks and Sandals 

Socks with sandals, the cardinal sin of holiday wear. You look at people strolling the beach wondering how it’s even comfortable to store all the sand they pick up inside their socks whilst being strapped into a pair of crocs. Don’t be that person. Wear leather sandals, boat shoes or espadrilles for strolling the streets, and if you're heading to the beach, wear your sandals without risk of carrying half of it home with you.

"The cardinal sin of holiday wear"
"The cardinal sin of holiday wear"

Bare this in mind...

Fixing the problems are easy but to keep yourself looking groomed and make sure to keep your clothes clean, ironed and your facial hair neat and washed. Wearing things in moderation and taking a looking the mirror before you leave the house can really work wonders for your style. And if you ever look at yourself and wonder “what in the world am I wearing?”, don’t brush it off and leave the house, lest risk a caution from the fashion police.

*Sandals, Beard, Businessman, Sneakers, Collar images via Shutterstock


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