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Photography by Gemma Boyle

Battling the Extreme Elements with Uniqlo

On a recent trip to New York we truly put Uniqlo’s Heat Tech, Base Layers and Ultra-Light Down garments to the test. The weather in New York was extreme, it reached -17 whilst we were there and in the name of fashion we headed to our hotel’s windy rooftop to see how it felt layered up in a full Uniqlo styled outfit.

Dry Stretch Sweat Full-Zip Jacket - This men's zippered jacket is made from trendy sweat material with added DRY technology to keep you feeling smooth and dry. The contoured, stretchy fabric is easy to move in, making it a great option for everything from sports to everyday wear. It is really comfortable and light, making it a perfect layering addition.

Ultra-Light Down Compact Vest - This compact Ultra-Light Down vest is amazingly thin, light, and warm, thanks to a slimmed-down design that doesn't use down packs. The compact design means it can be worn as an inner or outer layer and packs away neatly into a small pouch. It’s so light you won’t realise you’re wearing it but it’s offering both warmth and wind resistance.

Slim Fit Straight Stretch Selvedge Jeans - These classic slim jeans showcase the vintage appeal of selvedge denim, which can only be created using antique looms. Rolling the cuffs reveals the signature "red ear" accents unique to selvedge denim, and each pair takes on an individual character through wear and fading as you break them in. Revised with a new fabric designed in conjunction with Toray industries for a high density stretch.

Convertible Collar Coat - The straightforward design of this collar coat makes it ideal for both business and casual wear. Remove the stylish lining on warmer days, and choose the solid or camouflage side to match your look on those super cold days. We of course opted to keep the camo lining! Liner buttons are carefully placed so you can use a backpack comfortably.

HEATTECH Crew-Neck T-Shirt - Combined with HEATTECH this t-shirt was an essential for this extreme weather. Providing a solution to the cold in the form of a base layer which is no more than 0.55mm in thickness. Capturing heat from your body and trapping it within air pockets in the fabric to envelope you in warmth. It’s really stretchy too, meaning SO comfortable! 

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