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6 Types of Must-Have Weekend Bags

Searching for the perfect carryall can be as frustrating as searching for the perfect jeans. The increasing lure of the last minute mini-break means that a stylish, yet sturdy piece is essential to avoid airport shame. However, with so many types on the market, how do you choose one that will complement your outfit, fit your lifestyle and prove to be, after all, truly functional?

We caught up with Alex Field, Head of Menswear Design at Reiss to ask his opinion on what to look for in a perfect weekend bag: "A weekend bag should be slightly more self-indulgent than a travel suitcase. When taking a weekend break I’ll typically drive somewhere or tackle the long train journey, so my weekend bag is usually close to hand - it’s never thrown on a luggage conveyor belt, unlike at the airport."

"As your weekend bag is usually treated to the same class of travel as you, it should be luxurious in design and fabrication. Acting as an extension of your outfit, choose a design that offers a traditional, functional structure and a modern look and feel. The ideal weekend bag should be luxe enough to feel special but discreet enough to pair with anything, no matter what kind of trip you’re on." With that in mind, here are our picks for the perfect weekend getaway. 

The Smart One

The sleek construction and simple design of the Reiss 'Corbet' makes it a favourite amongst those who regularly wear a suit, or just want to add polish to a casual outfit. The versatility of this piece makes it a firm investment and a good starting point for anyone building their travel wardrobe.

The Rugged One

Add a hint of the outdoors with this navy and tan bag from J Crew. The slouchy shape does limit this piece to casual ensembles, rather than business trips, but the large capacity means that you can extend your holiday a few days without worrying.

The Leather One

Absolutely no frills and soft leather makes this Mulberry bag a winner with anyone who wants a straight forward, does-what-it-says piece that can be grabbed at a moment's notice when the urge to get away is strong. The combination of relaxed structure and brown leather means it will only look better with age, so is worth every bit of the price tag.

The structured one

This bag from Zara, with its futuristic flap detail and smooth black leather, is a truly great choice for those travellers on a budget, who don't want to compromise on style or use a gym bag as a substitute or compromise.

The Monogrammed one

This wouldn't be a comprehensive list without an honourable mention of the classic monogram bag from Louis Vuitton. The traditional shape and subtle monogram makes it a non-showy luxury option for the modern traveller, whilst maintaining its functionality. Perfect for going from desk to airport and back.

The Nostalgic one

This is for the man who doesn't take his style too seriously and wants to pay homage to the classic seventies style. The soft blue colour of this Adidas bag is more wearable than first appears, but is suited to casual encounters only.


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