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Montblanc Introduces New Leather Goods Collection

Montblanc introduces the new Meisterstück Sfumato collection: masterfully painted leather goods with a contemporary and sophisticated appeal. Blending age-old traditions with Montblanc’s passion for the finest craftsmanship, the collection takes inspiration from “sfumato”, an ingenious painting technique pioneered by Leonardo Da Vinci and his followers. Although it may sound like something that a heavy-set Chinese maître d' might yell to his kitchen staff "Lailee, sfumato table five, NOW," the actual etymology of the word means “evaporated like smoke”.

The result is the fine shading and delicate graduation between colours, the superimposition of many layers of thin paint with tiny brushstrokes to eliminate lines, techniques heavily featured in Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

From a document-case to a full briefcase, a large tote to a wallet, coin case or card holder, no piece in the Meisterstück Sfumato collection compromises with quality. A key example of this would be the classic single gusset briefcase which features a brand new signature lock, sliding top handle and a unique construction at its base making it easier to flatten the bag completely when empty. You know you've arrived in life when you're seen carrying a Montblanc briefcase. Even more so when you slide the briefcase across a large oak table to someone dressed in a tux before saying "Count it, it's all there". Larger pieces from the collection are lined with grey suede for an added touch of sophistication.

Extensive tests are carried out on every product before it can leave the Maison’s Pelletteria. While stress tests ensure the mechanical resistance of the products, from the handles to the stitching, colour fastness tests affirm that the leather will not be affected by fading or colour migration over time. However, should you leave your Sfumato Document Case on the roof of your car on your drive in to work, we cannot guarantee that the Italian full-grain calfskin will still be unblemished upon reaching your destination. The collection is available in three colours: rich brown, anthracite and navy blue, where the technique allows the shadow effect of the sfumato to come through at its best. 

The Montblanc Meisterstück Sfumato Collection is available exclusively at the Montblanc boutique in Harrods in June and then in all other Montblanc boutiques from July onwards.


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