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Introducing Acquafredda 1998

Live with style and follow the Italian fashion tradition. This is the main focus of Acquafredda, a lifestyle brand born in 1998 from an idea by Franco Pierucci. Working for several years as a designer for hunting and fishing technical apparel labels, Pierucci decided he wanted to create his own line developing typical sportswear essentials. Inspired by the sea, the brand built up an identity where nautical clothing is combined with a relaxed college style. The result is a complete proposal for men and women who choose to dress informal whilst remaining stylish.

While bright colours are all on trend, the latest men's collection features yellows and orange balanced with whites, blues and greys.

Each season features washed hoodies together with polos and chinos, whilst stonewashed jeans and t-shirts often change to fit trends and demands of each new season. Shorts are the hit of Spring/Summer 2015, featuring striking contrast linings for a stylish twist. The brand is currently going through a growth push, with a series of store openings scheduled for the remainder of this year. Its goal is to reach 20 stores in Italy by 2016. The latest flagship was recently opened in one of the most important fashion streets of Genoa, with a special event which hosted a selection of famous Italian football players.

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