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5 Gym Clothing Rules to Follow

Whether you’re planning a yoga session to improve your flexibility or an intense stint on the treadmill to burn some calories, it’s vital that you get the right clothing for your workout – to make sure your clothing is comfortable, practical and something you feel good in. Here are our 4 key tips and things to check before buying new gym clothing

1.) Make sure it fits & is comfortable 

This might sound obvious – but it’s important. Your clothing size may well vary between different stores, so don’t go to the gym with new gym gear without trying it on first. You need something which you know won’t be overly tight (which may chafe when exercising) or especially loose (which may prove to be annoyingly baggy). The need for comfortable clothing is especially important for gym wear, as you’re going to be putting in some physical exertion, and that can be quite unpleasant if you’re wearing something which doesn’t feel like it fits your frame and figure properly.

2.) Your gym attire should be activity appropriate 

Whilst comfort is crucial, certain items of gym wear are also going to be much more conducive to a successful and hassle-free workout. For example, if you’re on an exercise bike or treadmill, shorts are going to be a lot more practical than wearing long trousers. Similarly, if you’re doing yoga, you don’t want flowing tops or anything too loose, because you’re at risk of quite literally getting tangled up in it! You want to focus on the workout without worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions – so pick something which is practical for that activity.

3.) Choose Good Fabrics 

So, we’ve covered the benefits of a comfortable, flattering fit and wearing gym gear which suits the workout activities you’re doing. But finding good fabrics for your gym getup also helps you to avoid unnecessary sweatiness and discomfort, and will prolong your workout by keeping you feeling fresher for longer. Stretch fit shorts and breathable lightweight tops are perfect choices, as are fabrics like flexible nylon, and for t-shirts and vests, a combination of polyester and cotton will help keep sweat and discomfort to a minimum.

4.) Wear something you feel good in 

Just because you’re wearing something practical doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Whilst finding workout clothing which compliments your physique is part of this, so is finding great gym attire which you feel suits your style and has a look you love. If you’re more confident about one attribute than another, you can keep a bit more covered where you’re less confident, and rock those guns or legs if you know they look good. Some people feel more self-conscious than others about working out at the gym, so if that’s an issue which you face, then wear something which makes you feel confident and ready to boss your workout!

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