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10 Diet And Fitness Rules For A Lean Physique

If you're wanting to get to your lean and mean best then you'll need a robust regime to reach your goals. With hard work and some simple, but effective, rules you can get brilliant results. Here are ten golden rules to abide by if you want to shed weight and build muscle. 

I will plan my regime properly 

Set an ambitious and achievable goal and stick to it. Map out how you will measure your success and don’t just focus on weight – look at other figures for the most rounded picture. Planning also means getting the right kit and equipment for your exercise.

I will not drink alcohol 

You’ve got to be dedicated to reach your ideal physique and that means sacrifices, starting with the booze. The feeling you’ll get from reaching your ideal body weight and shape will far outweigh any short term enjoyment alcohol can bring. 

I will take away the takeways 

If the booze must go then so too must the fast food. Chips, burgers, southern fried chicken, Chinese or curries – whatever your junk food weakness is, it’s time to banish it from the menu.

I will eat the right food 

If you can’t tuck into a takeaway then what should you eat instead? Superfoods are the answer. These have earned their title for good reason. They’re jam-packed with nutrients, taste good and provide a good chunk of the fuel you need to fire your fitness regime. 

I will get the balance right 

The sort of well-rounded diet required needed for a lean, ripped physique requires a balance of all the key nutrients. Attempting that with food alone can be tough but you can top up the elements you’re missing out on through the sensible use of supplements. Look into firms such as Fysiqal Nutrition to see how you can strike this balance while you look to trim down and get stronger.

I will build up a bank of recipes 

Something else that will help achieve the balance you need is a collection of tasty recipes. Map out meals that make best use of your superfoods and make sure you have a range of options so that you don’t get bored and go off course. It’s handy to have quick and easy options in mind too. You need to make sure that you aren’t tempted to turn to takeaways or junk food for convenience. 

I will have fun while getting fit 

Make sure your regime is enjoyable so that you can maintain it. You can do that by regularly playing sport with your friends – a good way to add a regular date to your diary that you’ll enjoy and benefit from.

I will get lots of cardio work done 

Sport with friends will provide you with the fun, the rest of your fitness regime will be the hard work that you must put in to burn off the fat and build up your muscle. This starts with cardio, and lots of it. Don’t shirk. Get to the gym, get out running, get exercising in your living room – whatever it takes, get the cardio work in. 

I will build up my strength 

Cardio alone will not get you ripped, it’ll be the building block to a better physique but you need to work on your strength too. Pick up some weights and fine-tune those muscles. Work on your legs, arms, neck and back, paying equal attention to all areas to become stronger and fitter.

I will get a six-pack 

You will get a six-pack – and not beer by the way – but only if you take time to work on your abs as well as your strength and cardio work. Start with basic crunches then move onto harder moves to get ripped.

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