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Be the Man About the House

House sharing can be a joyous experience, no matter what age you are. It can help build friendships and memories that last a lifetime, and you'll have priceless content for best man speeches given time. However there are some simple rules that you need to obey that will make you the man about the house.

Make the tea 

The guy that makes the tea in the house is always the most liked mo-fo in the building. Just remember not to leave the tea bags in the sink after use for someone else to pluck out and dispose. Also if you accidentally damage someone elses mug, rather than stage some kind of elaborate break-in and smash all the crockery in the house, simply admit to your crime and provide an adequate replacement.

Don't buy pets 

Pets do nothing but chew through wires and crap in your mates loafers. Plus there will always be someone in the house that is allergic to fur so you'll inevitably lose points with that dude. Instead buy a couple of plants for the house or start growing some chives. You'll look like Marco Pierre White when you start plucking some Mint from the window box to season your beans on toast.

Soak the dishes

It might not be your turn to do the washing up, but give the other guy a hand and put your cups and plates into soak. There's nothing worse than spending hours chiseling out hardened clumps of Weetabix from a bowl when it would have taken only 2 seconds to fill with soapy water.

Celebrate birthdays 

Your housemate's birthday should be a big deal in your eyes. Even if you secretly think the guy is a bit of a tosser because he doesn't follow football and you can't believe he's going out with an absolute stunner, make some effort. Get a cheap cake, an 8 pack and bung a couple of scratch cards in his birthday card. Job done.

Replenish the toilet paper 

It's just bad form to leave another man stranded when on the big white telephone. If you've ever been in the situation when you have to say goodbye to your socks because your house mate has used up the last sheets, you know it’s a hellish experience. Also be economical with the toilet roll. There's no need to make a nest out of Andrex when curling one out.

Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, writer for the Metro Online, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own MenswearStyle podcast show.

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