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Behold the new BMW 6 Series

If you are a BMW lover (like us) then it won’t have escaped your attention that the new 6 Series’ were officially rolled out in the early months of 2015, and we were invited to spend 2 days in France experiencing the three models. BMW stands for sheer driving pleasure – something that everyone enjoys in their own individual way. The 6 Series is a well-established favourite within BMW’s fleet of sleek and sporty vehicles - of course, some members of the series are sleeker and sportier than others but each offers the promise of quality performance and eye-catching style. But one thing is for certain: each of the 3 styles’ appearance captures the attention and they certainly captured our attention whilst driving them in Marseille and at the BMW test track last month. The bright minds at BMW have decided to revamp their entire 6 Series range at once and make available three new cars from the same family simultaneously. So there is plenty to admire and assess if you’re thinking about making a purchase in the category. But after spending an adrenaline fuelled day at BMW’s secret test track, here’s what we think...

640d Convertible 

Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing of the three new cars is the convertible, which BMW quite accurately describes as its “scene stealer”. With a broad range of colours to choose from and some of the latest Bang & Olufsen surround sound technology, there is plenty to be taken with. Luxurious. Sporty. Elegant. These are the values that make each BMW 6 Series model unmistakable and also unique in themselves. This convertible in Mediterranean Blue was equipped with a special leather called “Dakota” in Cinnamon Brown – it features sun reflective technology which came in very useful as we drove with the top down around the test track on a hot day. We felt free and satisfied driving with the breeze and sound of the roaring engine. The exterior which was actually inspired by sports boats is everything you might expect from a top class convertible with a TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder diesel engine. The engine delivers significantly more dynamic power development and excellent responsiveness (which really impressed us), even at low engine speeds, while being exceptionally fuel efficient with low emissions.

Connectivity at BMW’s 6 Series is superb: With access to information, concierge services, communication, traffic updates and apps including for example Spotify or Twitter (as bloggers, this came in useful in-between laps) where we could provide our social followers with pictures of the cars on the track. The Head-up display became once again pretty useful: It projects navigation and information directly onto the driver’s field of vision which is the stand out feature. MWS Craig comments: “I wondered if it would be distracting whilst driving laps but it is clever how you don’t notice it until you want to see it. I was very impressed with this.” Whilst on the test track this model was also very easy to control with great agility and airstream. A BMW instructor took us around the track with the top down which was certainly something which raised our blood pressure since he drives so fast. However, having the top down meant we could hear the engine for added effect. After this lap we used another stunning technology: the Parking Assistant which is great. MWS Craig comments: “I’d really like this in London. It’s a bit of technology in the car which basically makes parallel parking easier. It actually judges whether you’ll fit into a space whilst driving down a street.”

650i xDrive Gran Coupé 

The Gran Coupé is powered by a set of TwinPower turbo engines. This Space Grey model had the M Sport Package and was incredibly well-equipped with all the latest driving support and energy management technologies – perfect for test track driving. BMW calls the Gran Coupé its “performance artist” and it is easy to see why, with the 6 Series delivering a very complete driving experience and a hugely appealing combination of speed, sophistication and comfort. Whilst on the BMW track the M leather multifunction steering wheel came in handy. It features extra grip when turning to give the finest driving corrections aiding that all important racing line. We were truly amazed at how quick and nippy this car was for its size. Due to the vehicles xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system, keeping control of it on the track was surprisingly easy, even for the most novice of drivers like us. Craig comments “It was the biggest of the three cars so I was a little nervous but that soon turned to confidence. I liked the Green Stripe Climate Control Windscreen which helps keep the car at a comfortable temperature by reducing the effects of direct sunlight. It also had those amazing cooling seats to keep me cool under the pressure when driving on the narrow test track section.”

The main luxury of this model is certainly the spaciousness. We actually gave it the name ‘The Presidential car’, and the engine sound can certainly make the hairs stand up. The size also means that the surround view feature which gives you top, side and rear view camera angles was particularly useful. During our track experience, we were given guidance and track driving tips from the instructor – and he absolutely loves driving at speed. What we really like about this vehicle? MWS Craig comments: “Well, the 6 Series for us is an elegant car with attractive lines and a modern style. Inside you discover comfortable seats and a high tech interior - you clearly have the feeling of a luxury, soothing and seductive car. The driving is fabulous and the powertrain is powerful – the vehicle is very efficient and easy to use too. The chassis keep the car low to the road and the steering is incredibly precise. You can appreciate the driving pleasure with very rigorous road feedback which gives you confidence in the 6 Series.”

650i Coupé 

Completing the set is the Citrin Black Coupé which is every bit as elegant and striking as any of its predecessors or indeed its counterparts. We felt that this is truly the trophy car that we’d like to own and suited the test track perfectly – It’s another sporty machine that more than meets any expectations that a potential buyer might have if they’re looking for a vehicle to blend poise and power. Craig mentions that when he first sat inside “I fell for it, the interior leathers and how the paintwork shimmers in the sunlight. True beauty!” This is the most exclusive way to drive a BMW - A joy to drive and fitted with a vast array of technological elements designed to improve both comfort and performance, the 6 Series Coupé genuinely leads the way in its class and among the latest of BMW’s newest offerings. We liked how this car was equipped with the ‘Character Package: Design Pure Experience’, “firstly the finish looked great in the sun, but the package gave focus to the athletic car body with high-gloss finishes,” said Craig.

This model gave us the most thrilling of driving experiences whilst on the BMW track. This is due to the cars Driving Dynamics such as road holding, high-precision steering and immediate responsiveness. Craig comments: “At first I wasn’t adjusted to the power and ran off one of the early corners but after some very insightful driving tips and a couple of laps with the instructor I had confidence to push the speed up and gained a thumbs up from my expert tutor. I also really liked the Launch Control feature which enables maximum acceleration from standing to start. After all, no one wants to embarrass themselves when trying to look like a good driver.”


If you prefer more roominess than what an average car has to offer then the Gran Coupé will be the better option for you. However, for all out enjoyment and the sheer satisfaction of a dynamic driving experience then the Coupé option is tough to beat, not just in this range, but anywhere on the road. The Convertible – of course – is the perfect choice for a sunny road trip and driving pleasure. If you are a long-term BMW driver then you are sure to be impressed with the latest developments being made in relation to all aspects of the new 6 Series. But, equally, if you are considering making your first BMW purchase then there is no better time to jump in and grab yourself a good deal on any model from what is a truly outstanding and in many ways a ground-breaking set of vehicles. Find out more about the new BMW 6 Series

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