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A Guide to Men’s Shoulder Length Hair

If styled and cut in the correct way you can make longer hair look sophisticated for both the beach and the office. Once associated with bikers and surfers and although still rare to see men with longer hair, stylists are now encouraging men to grow their hair out more. It’s a carefree hairstyle so if you’ve decided you want longer hair, granted the hardest part is actually growing it. So first and foremost persevere because it won’t be at the length you want it to be straight away. Set a length you want to reach and stick at it.

During this period you also need to make sure you keep your hair healthy and in good condition by making regular trips to your barber to keep the ends free from split ends. Generally it's easier for men to maintain healthier hair since women often tamper with their hair more via colouring, blow drying, straightening and curling - which the majority of men will not be doing. Frequent washing, conditioning and usage of hydrated products will keep the hair nourished and moisturised to keep a natural shine.

Think about what kind of style you want, whether it’s smart for the office or prepped for the weekend. You’ll need to speak with your hair stylist about what works for your hair type and for your desired look. For example, beach hair doesn’t work on naturally straight hair (it’s harder to style as its flyaway). Hair texture plays a very big part in how it’s going to hang and look. If you want something smart and tidier ask for choppy layers at the ends to give it added texture especially if your hair is naturally straight. 

If you have hair suitable for blow drying, you can just hold your hair into place with a little hair spray afterwards. Alternatively, use a little bit of light gel or pomade on air-dried hair as it will give you good control, if you have curly hair you may not need to use anything at all; just some sea salt spray or balm to smooth-over to bring back any control if needed. For a simple styling solution, put your hair into a side parting and sweep a large section of your hair over to one side.

The key factor to shoulder length hair is to keep it simple, don’t over-do it on styling or it will look feminine. However, you do need to maintain clean hair, if you’re inbetween washes you can always pull it back into a top knot bun or use a sports band to keep the front away from your face. This also works well if you’re working out at the gym or playing sports.

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