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Looking good everyday ain’t easy. From choosing just the right shade of sock, to ensuring your gear is adequately pressed; a lot goes in to your everyday style. To make it easier for us fellas to keep abreast of the latest trends whilst keeping our own wardrobes in check, here’s a pick of eight of our favourite smartphone apps that make day-to-day style a whole lot simpler.


Who knew the 7th most popular social networking app in the world would also be the perfect place to discover next weekend’s ensemble? Thanks to its media-rich interface and handy ‘Discover’ feature, Instagram has become a source of style inspiration for many a smartphone user. 


Purveyors of everything from sweatshirts to pocket squares; it was only a matter of time before web giant, ASOS, flexed their fashion muscles and launched a mobile app to trounce the competition. Offering quick and easy access to the complete ASOS catalogue, the app is bad news for those living on a shoestring style budget. 

The Hunt 

Got your eye on a garment but not sure where to find it? Download The Hunt app, and let a community of like-minded style-addicts help you in your search. The Hunt makes it easy to find the gear you love - simply upload a picture to the app, and others will help you track it down or create a similar look. 

Stylebook Men 

If you’re an organised gent, Stylebook Men could be your favourite new app. Allowing users to coordinate their wardrobe by photographing key pieces; Stylebook also features an integrated calendar that lets you allocate outfits for upcoming events — we told you it was for the well-organised. 

The Dry Cleaner App 

If you regularly rely on a dry cleaner, laundrette, tailor or ironing service, good news — The Dry Cleaner App makes it easy to find trusted garment care professionals nearby. Gone are the days of scouring the Yellow Pages for a spur-of-the-moment shoe repair or suit fitting; now you can find a range of great services direct from your smartphone. 


For the trailblazing chap about town, the Style.com app lets die-hard fashion followers access the very latest news, trends and collections before anyone else. Free to download on any iOS device, this nifty app is a must for the discerning trendsetter. 


You’re browsing Instagram when you spot a trend you like the look of — what next? Rather than leaving a comment, look for the LIKEtoKNOW.it URL in the caption. If it’s there, hit ‘Like’ and you’ll receive an e-mail with ready-to-shop product links. This handy app is becoming more and more popular, with hundreds of retailers now including the LIKEtoKNOW.it URL on their Instagram posts.

Necktie Deluxe 

If you struggle to tie a tie — be it the Balthus, Bow, Cavendish or Four-In-Hand — the Necktie Deluxe app is there to make your life a little easier. Featuring step-by-step instruction on how to knot a number of popular tie variations; the Necktie Deluxe app also includes some handy care and maintenance instructions to keep you and your neckwear looking sharp.

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