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Discover Sartoria Vanni

The concept of traveling tailors have become increasingly common and it enables many people to access something that would be otherwise unavailable in their region. Sartoria Vanni has developed a combination that merges the most classic tailoring tradition dating back at the beginning of the XiX century with the dynamism of a modern Made-to-Measure service offered in many of the world's major cities - including London.


Sartoria Vanni was founded in 1818 in Florence and quickly grew into a well-recognised player. Seven family generations have devoted their expertise and excellence of tailoring to this Sartoria. The selection of the finest fabrics together with the craftsmanship know-how creates the prerequisite for the perfect fit and the perfect quality. Each garment is entirely handmade in Italy, therefore it becomes the embodiment of a piece of art and history. Today, the family legacy continues and evolves to a new authentic and cutting-edge future.

A new chapter 

The rebirth of Sartoria Vanni started in 2013, when Oliver Scavetta and Nicola Papa partnered with the Vanni family and joined the board of directors. Having worked for many years as professional lawyers, they decided to pursue their true passion and enter the world of luxury sartorialism. Together with Fabrizio Vanni, heir of Sartoria Vanni, the new leadership delivers a cutting-edge and international flair to the brand. As a matter of fact, this new approach enables to combine the workmanship expertise of the past to today’s technological advancement for an ultimate outcome. As explained by the new associates, Sartoria Vanni’s new direction is generated by their own personal experience, which led to the desire of eliminating the geographical boundaries that separate the local artisan from its cosmopolitan client.

How it works 

The Sartoria Vanni team visits several of the world's major cities (such as London, New York, Paris and Stockholm) several times a year to take measurements of their clients. And here lays the key element that distinguishes Sartoria Vanni from other online made-to-measure services, where the customer himself is asked to take its measure without knowing the product. To maintain the exquisite detailing and effortless elegance of a made-to-measure garment, the importance relies on the most important aspect: the professional body measurements. Oliver and Nicola and all the Sartoria Vanni team will properly get the measurements. Once the customer's perfect fit is reached, the measurements are saved in an online database which allow the client to place new orders directly from the website where over 1,500 premium fabrics from textile mills such as Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis are well digitalised. Delivery time from order to finished garment is only 4-6 weeks.

Our readers are invited to join a little cocktail reception at Margaux Restaurant (152 Old Brompton Road, London) on Thursday October 8th, from 7pm to 10pm and also enjoy a special 10% discount if they book an appointment for their London trunk show (from the 9th to the 11th of October) on sartoriavanni.com/en/trunk-shows


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