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An Essential Guide to Winter Work Shoes

With the mercury in thermometers rapidly dropping, now’s the time to start thinking about your winter work shoes. Having the perfect footwear for the chilly season will help ensure you look and feel great even when the weather’s doing its worst. So that you make the best choices, here’s your essential guide to these fashion must-haves.

Give boots a go 

In the past, you might have shied away from buying boots for work, assuming they’re too clunky and lack the style of regular shoes. In fact though, there are a host of debonair designs on offer and worn under trousers, they can look just the same as other styles of footwear. You can get all the inspiration you need online too. Specialist websites like anatomicshoes.com offer everything from classic brogue and Chelsea boots to more casual dessert designs. The best thing about boots in winter is that they keep your feet cosy even when it’s freezing outside.

Stay away from leather soles 

Whether you go for boots or shoes, it’s wise to steer clear of designs that feature leather soles. This material simply doesn’t provide enough insulation when temperatures sink. Instead, look out for shoes that come with soles made from rubber. This material is more robust and it does a better job of protecting your feet from the chill of the ground beneath you.

Go for something with grip 

Make sure your footwear has plenty of grip too. Polished soles might not pose a problem during the warmer months, but with a little ice on the ground, they can make pavements seem perilous. So, before you buy shoes take a careful look at their tread to make sure you’re buying something that’s fit for the winter season. This will allow you to stride in confidence rather than having to shuffle your way to and from work.

Leave space for thicker socks 

Last but not least, rather than going for your usual size of shoe, consider getting footwear that’s a little larger. By buying products that are half a size bigger, you can ensure that when temperatures take a tumble you’re able to wear thicker socks without squashing your feet. A decent pair of winter work shoes could last you for years, so it’s worthwhile putting plenty of thought into this purchase. The right footwear will keep you comfortable and it should serve as the perfect complement for your work outfits.

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