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Introducing Wigwam Socks

Too many people treat the sock as a disposable garment. After a few months we think nothing of it when we see our big piggy poking out the end having successfully burrowed through its cotton shackles in search of daylight. Well our big toes have had their time in the sun (pardon the pun). 

Introducing Wigwam - a 4th generation, family-run business that pride themselves on producing high-quality, exceptionally comfortable socks that are designed to last. Every pair of socks is knitted at the company’s HQ in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and manufactured on site from carefully sourced US yarns for guaranteed comfort.

So what are they doing differently? How come my gangly hairy-knuckled big toe's efforts to pierce through everything cotton are now deemed futile? Wigwam have remained a firm favourite amongst American outdoor enthusiasts for generations for a reason. They combine patented wicking technologies with advanced yarns and high-quality construction methods to deliver exceptional durability and comfort. From marathons to mountains, Wigwam’s range of performance socks, featuring its unique Ultimax® Pro technology, guarantees dry, blister-free feet.

The latest addition to the range is the brand’s Classics Collection. This is a heritage-inspired collection with designs taken from the company’s 110 year archive. The Hudson Bay Sock is a classic hunter styled sock, with a high-quality fabric blend that promises optimum foot comfort from the very first step.

An alternative to the Hudson Bay sock will be the Cypress Sock which boasts a classic ragg wool look, with cotton softness and comfort. The cotton is derived from a carefully sourced US yarn. Available in a variety of colours, why not treat your feet, and your sock drawer - and just get the entire range and move on. Put your trust in Wigwam, they've spent 110 years tailoring people’s feet. 

Check out the video below for inspiration on how to wear Wigwam socks with different shoes and outfits.


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