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Ditch Your Old Gym Gear For a Better Workout

Build a better workout wardrobe to increase motivation. While many fitness enthusiasts are more than happy to throw on a tattered old cotton t-shirt, shapeless shorts or baggy track pants, wearing clothing that is designed for working out in will enhance your training and assist you in getting improved results. Wearing the right gym wear can help you keep correct form, prevent injury and also feel more confident in the gym.

Warm up hoodie 

Anyone who knows a thing or two will tell you for a workout to be safe and effective a warm-up is key. Any qualified fitness professional will tell you that a warm-up is key to a successful workout and shouldn't be missed. Warm-ups ensure your muscles and joints are prepared for the exercises you are about to perform. Before you get a sweat on you might need an outer layer to protect you before you are ready to bust out that gym vest. A zipped gym hoodie is the ideal choice as it is easy to take off once you feel you are warm enough for your workout.

Training vest 

A training vest is the top option of choice due to its advantages; they allow you to keep cool and are very unrestrictive. The sleeve of a t-shirt will restrict movement, wearing a vest will allow for full range of motion for your arms and shoulders. Opting for a gym vest can help increase motivational levels because seeing your arms and shoulders work as you perform curls, presses and other arm or shoulder exercises allows you to see how you have progressed in your training and spur you on to work even harder. Seeing the muscle groups you are working on can also assist in improving the mind to muscle connection. You may have stacks of old cotton gym vest in your drawer that may have accumulated over the years, but a fresh new look will inspire you to work out! Adding a pop of colour like the ones from MusclePharm (which incorporates bright green) is sure to inspire an energy boost.


All too many gym goers habitually skip leg training day because they are hiding their legs in workout pants – out of sight being out of mind. So switch up the wardrobe and put on some shorts baring your legs so that you are much less likely to forget leg training. Engaging a large muscle group like in the legs has a knock-on effect to the rest of your body, this is nothing but good news. Workout pants are okay for upper body training days but go for an unrestrictive pair of gym shorts on leg day. As well as providing freedom of movement, shorts expose your legs meaning you simply cannot hide your skinny legs and calves!

You don’t have to follow all the latest gym fashions; some classic plain pieces are good to invest in - you also won’t tire of them as quickly as some of the bold patterned style we see much of these days. Every fitness enthusiast should be keen to incorporate the right clothing choices into their workouts, with the huge choice of affordable and modern performance fabrics now available in the market there is no reason you should not be taking advantage. Forget about your old stretched and saggy t-shirts and those badly fitting track pants - freshen up your fitness wardrobe and get yourself some quality workout clothing that will enhance and not hinder your workout performance from AnaxFitness.com

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