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Introducing Alain Delon Menswear

Men have been educated on a mass scale over the past few years. Most of the male population now has a good command of the dressing rules. It took thousands of handkerchiefs and millions of fashion guides, but we have finally become good-looking. It was not the rock'n'roll nor the drugs, but smartphones and Facebook that feminized us all. Tight jackets and shiny brogues are all around us; rules of tailored dressing have become a sign of norm, dullness even.

When "niceness" becomes boring, what shall we do? Living in UK and Vienna interchangeably, I fail not to spot a new trend: "souveniring". Buying good-looking clothes has become so easy thanks to fast fashion retailers like Zara that men pick and choose their clothing with a pedantic sense of importance. 

Brand is dead, because to stand out wearing one-off items is the new “new"

Travelling is perhaps the safest bet to find that unique fashion item from a local market. Despite internet and free market, the rules of mass production still hold true. Some things are simply better produced in small batch in a local market. Often, taking the concept and replicating it on a mass scale leads to lower quality and loss of character. Thus, buying a pair of hand-made shoes from a small Viennese manufacture never loses its magic. 

Of course, the only and best other source for souveniring is internet. Online shopping has become so liberalized that buying, paying, trying and returning (when things go wrong) a product online is too easy.

There are many of them, but some stand out; small family fashion houses design and produce their clothes with passion and love. Thanks to ecommerce, they can reach their customers worldwide for little extra cost (and no cost to the buyer). Alain Delon is one of them. European men's fashion boutique with fully independent production, this family business is a long established tailor in its small European country of origin. Wearing their clothes in UK, though, would be a definition of souveniring: globetrotting, but not globalised. 

We particularly like their Bespoke Tailoring section. Combining the finest materials, together with artisanal work create a perfect harmony of ready-to-wear fashion and haute couture. An essential part of this collection is a blue-grey checkered blazer made from Fintes virgin wool and cashmere blend. Italian fabric manufacturer from Biella has a long-term tradition in supplying the best bespoke tailors with their fine products. Exclusivity and luxury breathe from every fibre of their fine fabrics.


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