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5 Hat Styles You Can Wear in Winter

Hats can really complete an entire outfit, not only for how it looks, but for functionality - keeping you warm during winter and covering up any hair problems you might be having (balding, greys or just a bad hair day).

Baseball Cap Felt/Wool 

If you like your style casual, easy and cool and you like wearing baseball caps then you don’t want to be wearing the same ones you have been wearing through summer. Instead choose one in felt or wool for some warmth and a soft look for your winter outfits. Some also have leather peaks which is a great way to add texture. For this style of hat you need to keep your outfit fairly similar e.g. a casual sweater with a shirt under and jeans with trainers.

Felted Fedora 

If any guys on the short side are reading this, then this is the hat for you. It will give you a bit of deceiving height whilst giving you quirky style. For the winter months you’ll want a fedora made from felt or even wool, for the warmth. With a large brim, and pinched slightly at the front of the crown - It’s probably the smartest style of hat so they finish off a suit nicely. However, you can also wear them in a more casual way with jeans, a shirt, sports jacket, chunky knit scarf and an overcoat for a warm, comfortable winter look. As a styling tip, the best way to wear a fedora is tilted slightly at one side and angled down at the front.


Sure fire, this hat is the best way to keep the cold off your head and ears during winter. Usually made from wool or cashmere, they can be worn in a variety of ways; either loosely with excess hanging at the back, folded over at the front, or as they come with a bobble to embrace its quirkiness. Since this is a casual style you can wear with almost anything.


The grandpa style hat, also known as the workman’s hat or "the hat from the Peaky Blinders series". They were worn by lower class citizens back in 1920s in America. With eight panels and a stiff peak at the front, the top is the same size the whole way round with a button in the middle. These hats are often in a wool or tweed material so they work well with a sweater and sports jacket or with a leather jacket and boots if you want to wear it casually.

Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders

Flat Cap 

Similar to the newsboy hat, the flat cap comes from Southern Italy and is typically made from wool, corduroy or tweed. As opposed to the Newsboy the flat cap is less full and slimmer and rounded rather than with panels, so it’s a little smarter and sleeker on the eye. For a casual look you can wear it with a varsity jacket and jeans or you can smarten it up by wearing it with an oxford shirt, shawl collar cardigan, double breasted overcoat and chunky knit scarf.

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