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10 Style Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Have you ever put an outfit together you thought didn’t quite look right, but thought “Oh this will do, I’m only going to the supermarket.” But it’s often on these occasions when we bump into people we would rather not and regret the outfit we were wearing that morning. We’re all guilty of it, especially when we’re feeling lazy, tired or generally having an off day. There are plenty of men’s style mistakes which will crop up from time to time. But without care or attention these can be a big turn off - despite wanting to dress and feel comfortable you can still avoid these fashion pet peeves with a little added knowledge.

Creased Clothing 

Okay, admittedly I hate ironing too and since I moved out of my parents six months ago I haven’t used the iron that was gifted to me - so this isn’t me pointing the finger to do your ironing, but it really doesn't look good to be turning up to work with creases in your shirts. With some garments you just can’t avoid the iron or press them. However, you can make life easier by hanging shirts in your bathroom (on a proper hanger) while taking a shower so the steam will help to minimse the creases.

Tracksuit Bottoms 

We should all know by now that tracksuit bottoms should only be worn at the gym or lounging at home watching Netflix. But it seems more and more men are opting to wear them as everyday wear with no intention of even setting foot on the treadmill. So unless it’s to break a sweat (or not leave the house), just leave them in your wardrobe.

The Non-Three Piece 

It’s a three piece suit for a reason. Wearing a shirt and trousers with only a waistcoat will make you look a little underdressed, whatever the occasion may be. It’s acceptable in warmer weather to remove your jacket at dinner or towards the end of the night at a wedding, but if you want feel cooler while still looking smart, just lose the waist coat and go for the jacket only option instead. 

Dirty Shoes 

This rule doesn’t just apply to men going out in their “Sunday Best” or for a first date but for the everyday. In any style situation shoes should always be kept clean and polished - there really is nothing worse than seeing a dirty grubby pair of slip-on shoes with scuffs and scratches in them. Keep your shoes under check and invest in new ones if they’re too far gone. 

Trouser Length 

Having trousers too short is just as bad as having them too long - allowing your nicely finished trousers to hang over your shoes only looks like you’re wearing a suit two sizes too big, and will kill the entire outfit. If you’re a little on the short side, get to a local tailor and you can get these fixed in no time for approx. £12. However, if the trousers are too short just don’t buy them in the first place.

Buttoning Blazers 

No matter how expensive the suit or how clean cut the blazer is, if you button it incorrectly it will completely look wrong and the ‘in the know’ chaps will scoff at you. The rule depends on how many buttons the jacket has. A double breasted jacket should always be up buttoned and never worn open, however with a single breasted jacket you must never button the last bottom button - if the jacket has three buttons either button up the top two or just the middle. If the jacket has only two buttons then button the top only. Lastly, always remember to unbutton your jacket fully when you sit down.


There is a level of ‘coolness’ when it comes to wearing a backpack, but I feel it only works if you’re doing exactly that… backpacking. When travelling around the world they’re convenient, your hands are free and they won’t give you back ache. However, if you’re a suited up professional on your way to work, please find an alternative bag to transport your laptop in – it just doesn’t look right. 

Too Much Bling 

When it comes to men’s jewellery the rule is to keep it simple - no fancy jewels, diamonds or sparkly gems. Stick to leather, non-shiny metals and beading during summer. Also when choosing certain types of jewellery stick to one or two pieces at the very most, and if you do wish to wear a watch that for some reason has sparkly diamonds on it, let the watch do the talking and don’t wear any other jewellery accessories.

Designer Overload 

Just like too much jewellery, too much of anything on one outfit can look wrong. If you love your designer labels then think about why you’re wearing them - is it to show off to others how much you’re spending on clothes or is it really for the better quality? If you’re swaying more towards the first then you need to cut certain things out of your wardrobe… It’s time to lose those Gucci belt buckles. 

Skin-Tight & Low-Cut T-Shirts 

We’re not sure where or when this trend started but it’s about time men stopped finding inspiration in womenswear for skin tight clothing. Especially those t-shirts that expose your chest hair and stop the blood circulation around your biceps.

Unkempt Facial Hair 

Just like your wardrobe, how much you take care of your personal grooming plays a big part in your appearance. Unkempt facial hair results in looking very scruffy and gives off the message that you don’t care about the way in which you look. Whether you have a beard, designer stubble or are clean shaven, try to keep it under control - the more often you tend to it the easier and quicker it becomes.

Rakelle Maurici

With a thirst for exploration and over 10 years of writing experience, Rakelle is a keen fashion, travel and culture storyteller. Her work, from city guides to short stories, has been featured in both global print and digital media.

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