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Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Your Teeth

Although you may think you know all there is to know about taking care of your teeth and brushing daily along with the occasional floss is sufficient, you might be mistaken. Stained, yellow teeth can be a true representation of one’s hygiene and as a result can be a huge turn off. No matter how much you try not to smile, it’s one of the first things we notice about someone - so just how we spend time and money on our hair, we should also give our teeth the same treatment.

Good Health 

Taking care of our teeth is not just for decorative reasons, it’s also for your health. It is known that not taking proper care of your teeth and gums can lead to losing teeth prematurely and excruciating tooth ache. But that’s not all, unhealthy gums can lead to disease which given time the bacteria can spread to other vital organs of your body. Don’t let this scare you, I’m sure your teeth won’t be at this stage right now.

The Basics 

So first off, brushing. This is the most important thing to get into your routine - as kids we’re all taught to brush twice a day and this is the right way to go by. A manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush are both perfectly fine, although the electric can get the job done quicker. Just an important rule to remember is to buy a brush which fits your mouth properly, with not too hard bristles as these can be a little too abrasive on the teeth. A toothpaste high in fluoride not only makes your teeth whiter but also is more effective in preventing decay. I know we all lead busy lives and often it might be a case that after that long day we just want to quickly get to bed, however you need to give your teeth the attention they deserve - two to three minutes is all it takes, particularly at night. Don't forget to brush your tongue too for extra fresh breath.

Should you Floss? 

Okay, so you’ve spent three minutes brushing but there are some areas in which your brush can’t get to. So whoever told you flossing is not important is wrong; small remains of food can produce decay which in turn develops gum disease. So ideally this should also be done twice a day; at first this will hurt a little and will make your gums bleed, but like a normal cut or graze the skin needs to heal to become stronger. Don't force it between teeth and you shouldn’t be too abrasive against your gums - just gently rub in a curved motion.

What else? 

Mouthwash is important, not only does mouthwash freshen your breath but it can help remove plaque too. Then there is the dentist, we all hate going and I don't think there is anyone who enjoys laying down with our mouths wide open while the dentist asks us a question. But general routine checkups are fine if you take care of your teeth in between appointments, which should be done every six months.

The Perfect Smile 

Aesthetics are important when it comes to teeth and I’m sure there are a lot of us who want, whiter, straighter teeth. It’s becoming more of a ‘trend’ to have perfect teeth and thankfully there are some cheaper options for this. For example you can purchase whitening tooth paste from Blanx or Crest teeth whitening strips, however the effects aren't so long lasting. Getting professional whitening treatments can be costly if you have important events coming up, however it can make a huge difference to your confidence.

Foods to Avoid 

A healthy diet also plays an important role in great teeth too. Smoking cigarettes and drinking certain drinks by example alone create staining; and as much as we believe coffee is the biggest problem, it is in fact tea that is more likely to stain your teeth. Secondly, the more sugary foods our teeth come in contact with the more bacteria your mouth produces, so stick to low sugar foods when snacking. There are also some myths that certain foods help with whitening teeth; coconut oil, banana skins and believe it or not, strawberries also act as a natural teeth whitener, who knew?

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