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4 Must-Know Morning Male Skincare Tips

Skincare routines aren’t just exclusive to women, men can also benefit from adopting a good daily grooming routine. To protect your skin from the everyday abuse that it receives from outside elements, it’s important to develop a simple (but effective) skincare routine that you can easily carry out each morning.

Don’t worry though, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated and you don’t need a cupboard full of expensive skincare products. We've compiled this guide with help from our friends over at The Aesthetic Skin Clinic - they're skincare experts and they'll let you into a little secret... you can be model ready in just 10 minutes.

Wake yourself up with cold water 

We’re going to assume that you have a very basic hygiene routine already, one that involves washing your face in the morning (and probably just this). However, instead of using hot or warm water, you should give your face a splash of cold water. It doesn’t just wake you up; it also washes away any dead skin cells that are clinging to your skin and will quickly wake you up too.

Cleanse with a face wash 

After washing your face with cold water, you should cleanse with a good quality face wash. This will clear and refresh the appearance of your skin, hiding any signs of a late night. Using circular motions, you should rub the face wash into your skin for 30-40 seconds before rinsing with cool water. There are hundreds of different male face products available on the market, so you should have absolutely no problem finding something within your budget.

Don’t forget the eyes 

For some reason, even the most groomed men seem to neglect the skin around their eyes. This area of skin is very soft and therefore is incredibly prone to lines and wrinkles. It’s also one of the first places where men begin to show signs of aging. This is why it’s really important to look after the skin here as much as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve seen even a sign of a wrinkle yet – you should start using eye cream. Apply it in the morning after you have washed and cleansed your face.

Make friends with your after-shave balm

It doesn’t matter how much of a rush you’re in – never skip the after-shave balm guys. When shaving in the morning (many men do), it might leave your skin fuzz-free, but it also leaves it very dry. By applying after-shave balm, you’re hydrating and soothing the skin. Whichever type you use, you should make sure that its alcohol free. This is because alcohol will just dry up your skin even more.

It’s incredibly easy to keep your skin in fantastic condition without having to spend hours in the bathroom. Trust us when we say that you will see a difference very soon.

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