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6 of the Best Thickening Shampoos for Men

Some of you are lucky enough to be gifted with a head of thick hair, however It’s inevitable that our hair will thin the older we get. Scientific studies show our hair changes every seven years - so although you might have a certain hair type now, this may change in years to come. If you’re on the thinning side there are shampoos you can use that will enhance your hair quality. Overall, the impact of these products will improve the appearance of your hair, leaving it fuller, silky and healthier (by expanding the strands diameter). Some thickening shampoos also contain specific organic products which will give your hair other nutrients it may be lacking. For those who want to try thickening shampoos for the first time here are our top picks available right now.

Dove Men + Care Fortifying Shampoo 

We’re all familiar with Dove for producing hair care and beauty products. This particular shampoo contains caffeine which is significant for creating fuller and thicker hair without weighing it down. As well as caffeine it contains citric acid to give it an overall refresh. Fellow users have also said the smell works wonders on the ladies!

Tigi Bedhead Charge Up Thickening Shampoo 

This particular product from Tigi contains boosters which cleanse and support the hair fibres to help thicken it and prevent breakage, with the ability to keep in tangle free. Sometimes the pricier salon brands can make us dubious of whether they’ll work, however you’ll find you need less of this per wash as a little will go a long way.

Every Man Jack 2 in 1 Thickening Shampoo 

This product contains a lot of ingredients to perfect damaged hair as well as thickening it overall. With tea tree, castor oil, aloe, peppermint, shea butter, lavender and rosemary it will come away feeling soft as well as smelling great. As this is a 2 in 1 product it will also save you time on the frequent conditioning while making your hair more manageable and fuller.

Kiehls Ultimate Thickening Shampoo 

This anti-oxidant shampoo contains Vitamin E, cedarwood and peppermint for a fresh scent as well as active ingredients to improve hair quality. This thickening shampoo also works to improve your scalp condition, while thickening hair strands for a healthy looking head of hair.

Aveda Invati Thickening Shampoo 

This clever product thickens the hair without adding weight. Containing soy protein and natural derived amino acids it can mimc the hair’s natural way of building. As well as this it contains natural herbs such as ginseng and organic turmeric so you can be sure you are using high quality ingredients. This shampoo smells great and reviews show us that users regularly receive compliments following consistent use.

Mr. Jamie Stevens Thickening Shampoo 

Jamie is three-time winner of Men’s British Hairdresser of the Year, earning him a place in the British Hairdressing Awards Hall of Fame. He is the youngest ever nominee for Hairdresser of the Year, an award he has been nominated for four times and he's the creator of the MR. haircare system. Featuring dual active Pea Peptide and Hexapeptide-11, this cleansing shampoo will effectively remove dirt, grease, product build up and will help promote thicker hair.

Complementary product: Hair Tonic 

When hair becomes thinner it becomes weaker, this tonic from Weleda helps to strengthen the hair which in turn will make it thicker and stronger overall. It contains rosemary and horseradish leaves which help to improve the hair’s life and assist growth. This is to be left on for around 30 minutes before you shampoo to get the full effects.

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