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Spring 2016 Guide to Dapper Dressing

It’s not too early to start thinking about ways to dress during Spring, I mean, it has already started, its just whether or not the UK weather wants to play its part - but that’s another story! Dressing dapper during the winter season is relatively easy for the fashion-conscious gent; dark muted tones and thicker warmer fabrics, voila. Spring however, can be a minefield - which fabrics should you opt for with such a mixed weather system? How much floral is too much floral before the boss calls you into his office for a "little chat"?

Pops of Colour 

It’s easy to understand why British men are stumped when we arrive at spring. After crawling out of the deep colour pits of winter, it’s no wonder a bit of sunshine makes for a colour explosion in our wardrobes. Dress your muted navy, charcoal, or black suits with bright hued accessories such as ties, shirts and socks - this allows for a subtle statement without over-doing it.

Hartford SS16
Hartford SS16

The best top tip for perfecting similarly coloured shirts and ties is to vary your shades e.g. ties should be darker than your shirts, so opt for deep coloured shirts to complement your tie choices. Complementary colours should be paired with some thought – don’t match these colours in bolder tones, it creates a slightly intimidating look. Contrasting colours are typically easier to team together, and create a better style statement. 

Style and Substance 

Winter was all about layering key warm fabrics to keep you warm e.g. wool, flannel, tweed, and cashmere. Spring on the other hand, is about keeping it light to allow for airflow e.g. Hopsack, Linen, Cotton, and Silk are all favoured choices.

Mango SS16
Mango SS16

It’s important to note that a linen suit is lightweight and designed to keep you very cool in the warmer months. You may be better off opting for a linen shirt as opposed to going head-to-toe in linen – and Britain won’t be getting too hot anytime soon. 

If the Suit fits... 

As always, when styling a suit it’s key that the suit fits. Otherwise there isn’t much point in trying to look dapper. A few handy tips to remember when considering your suits fit include: Collar - your collar should rest against your shirt collar, which in turn should rest against the back of your neck snugly. These should touch lightly, and without significant gaps in-between. If there are gaps, the shirt is too loose. If there’s bunching just under the back of the jacket collar, then it’s too tight.

Topman SS16
Topman SS16

Shoulders - shoulder pads should end at your shoulders, and you should see no wrinkles or divots within this area - it should stay perfectly flat. Sleeves - when you bend your wrist so that your palms are facing to the ground, the jacket sleeves should be about ¼” above the top of your hand - plenty enough to see your shirt sleeves. Body - when the top button is fastened (never the bottom button), the jacket should lightly hug your midsection without feeling constricting. The jacket shouldn’t be pulling at the button, if it creates an ‘X’ this is telling you it’s too tight.

Stenströms SS16
Stenströms SS16


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