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In Conversation with Lello Caldarelli of Antony Morato

Italian Menswear brand Antony Morato began with a limited distribution in Italy alone, however this has now expanded to over 50 countries. With a range of clothing, leather accessories, sunglasses, underwear and beachwear, they make everyday dressing both stylish and easy. As big fans of Antony Morato here at Menswear Style we got the opportunity to speak to founder Lello Caldarelli on their latest campaigns and recent brand movements.

Can you tell us a little about your background - what were you doing before Antony Morato? 

“I grew up with my parents owning a factory where they produced fabrics and clothes, I spent hours and hours with my parents in the factory, learning about new textures and garments observing them work and learning their skills which prepared me for my future career in design and fashion.”

How did you get involved with Antony Morato? 

“In 2007 I decided to throw myself into a new adventure, creating a brand that gave me the opportunity to spread my creativity and my own ideas of fashion. I paid particular attention to the male fashion sector and I realised that there was a big opportunity for a product with fashion attitude but at the same time accessible in terms of style and price. At the beginning it seemed crazy, 25 years old and starting a completely new brand but I have never looked back since.” 

What made you begin the 'Places' campaign? 

“Places is born from the necessity to communicate the many possible interpretations that the Antony Morato collections may have. Our collections can be adapted to a many people and in many places. I liked to collect the characteristics of people in major European capitals, and let them speak about their way of living in the city and the connection they have with the city and themselves.”

How do you plan to keep evolving the project? 

“After ‘Places’, for the SS16 collection we introduced the new advertising concept that is #IamwhoIam, and it is the second step in the story I am trying to get across – this time its focused on the beauty of differences in people. This hashtag is the claim that the concept of the new advertising campaign of Antony Morato is straight talking without any danger of being misunderstood. A message focused on everyone to spur our customers to interpret their own personality through their own look, without fear or worry.” 

Can you describe your personal style? 

“I would define it as contemporary fashion, inspired by various known cultures from my recent travels. A mix of elegance and glamour but still comfortable. I am a very curious follower of fashion and am always on the search for new things. I am not eccentric, but I like to express myself through little details.” The style of Antony Morato is smart relaxed yet functional for everyday wearing - what inspires your work? “Definitely cities in the world, the places where both people and culture combine. I love to travel and I specifically like to watch and learn people and cultures around the world by observing their different styles and most importantly how they mix. I think this is one of the most important things for a creative designer to do.”

Do you follow movements in fashion with your work - do you feel you need to have fashion to have style? 

“Antony Morato originates from Italian style and although we do not follow any particular fashion movements, we constantly look for innovation and ideas that can let us be modern and contemporary – a style with deep roots.”

Rakelle Maurici

With a thirst for exploration and over 10 years of writing experience, Rakelle is a keen fashion, travel and culture storyteller. Her work, from city guides to short stories, has been featured in both global print and digital media.

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