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The Best Hair Removal Techniques For Men

Whilst there used to be a stigma around hair removal for men, that it was a market predominantly aimed at women looking to tweeze, pluck, shave and wax their way to smoother skin, men are joining in too. It’s certainly not just a woman’s game anymore, as men are increasingly looking to take more care of their appearance, and a huge part of this is removing unwanted hair.

Previously, when you thought of a man looking for hair removal techniques, you might have thought they were an athlete, perhaps a swimmer or cyclist looking to be more dynamic in their field. But, in recent years we have seen a surge in ‘manscaping’, which is seeing men want to remove unwanted hair from their chests, backs, face and more areas. We are here to look at which techniques are the most effective and how these can be used by men to create a permanent solution for their hair removal problems.

Daring To Remove 

The hair men are increasingly daring to remove their hair from more places than ever, whether it is their face, chests, shoulders and well, even below the belt. There are a number of ways in which men are looking for permanent solutions for their hair removal, whether it is for medical reasons, as an increase in testosterone can cause an excess amount of hair to grow across the body. Not only will hair removal enhance their body features and bring out muscle definition, it will also give them smoother and more manageable skin.

Top Hair Removal Techniques For Men

Shaving: The quickest, easiest and pain free method of hair removal in men is of course to shave, or clip the hair away. Although this can come with its own problems, and it certainly doesn’t offer a permanent solution to hair removal. Whilst it might be a quick fix for a mans unwanted hair problem, shaving areas including the chest or back can cause shaving rash or ingrown hairs to appear, which can be painful and unsightly.

Waxing: This is another method which is good for the speed, and effortlessness, of your hair removal; but it might also be the most painful too. Waxing effectively pulls the hair from its root to remove unwanted hair, not only will this create smoother, subtler skin underneath, but it will also help the hair to grow back finer, which will make it easier to remove going forward.

Laser Treatment: Whilst laser hair removal certainly isn’t the quickest method of hair removal, it can reduce the hair by up to 80%. And whilst laser treatment might be one of the more expensive hair removal techniques for men, it’s an effective solution that can create permanent results. Not only will a course of laser treatment effectively remove stubborn areas of hair that might grow back quicker than others, it also offers a virtually pain free method of hair removal for men, making it one of the more appealing options for those with a low pain threshold. The Laser Treatment Clinic based on Harley Street in London offer effective laser treatment solutions for your unwanted hair problems, contact them for more information.

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