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9 Packing Essentials For Your Gym Bag

Long gone are the days when you would throw just a can of Lynx Africa in your holdall and head to the gym for a quick workout. When working on overall fitness it’s important to give time to the aftercare your body and skin needs. Whether you’re a weight trainer or love those HIIT classes, you can all benefit from ensuring these items are in your gym bag.

Water bottle 

First and foremost, you need to stay hydrated and water is the best way. Granted most gyms have vending machines and access to water machines, however it’s always handy to have a refillable water bottle on you.



You’re going to need to ensure you have energy pre and post workout. Try not to snack on junk that is hard to shift. Keeping a few protein bars and dry fruits and nuts will always help for that required added fuel you’ll need to keep going.


After a heavy session and a refreshing shower you’re going to need a good deodorant for a fresh smell. We previously rounded up the top men’s deodorants, covering the best for sports - so give it a read if you want some extra inspiration.

Body Cleanser 

Sweating means an increase in sebum, so you’ll want to rinse that off right away post work out, especially if you’re heading to the office. A body cleanser will keep the skin moisturised as well as absorbing excess oils.

Protein Skin Serum 

Just like your body you’re going to want to keep the oils on your face at bay too. When you work out your pores and follicles open to allow your skin to breath - using a serum will help close them up again after.

Weight Lifting Gloves 

If you’re a weight trainer you will find it more comfortable with some gym gloves for extra grip. It will also prevent blisters from forming on the palms and fingers - you can pick these up from many sports retailers for next to nothing.

Flip Flops 

The swimming pool smells clinical since it has Chlorine added to the water, but don’t let this fool you. The same goes for the shower rooms – Verrucas are annoying, painful and don’t go away for quite some time - I think this one speaks for itself.


Unless you’re paying out for a relatively expensive gym, most do not provide towels. Generally we all prefer to use our own personal belongings anyway. We advise bringing a towel for the shower and a smaller hand towel for the gym floor to absorb sweat.


Workouts are much easier when set to the soundtrack of your favourite music. While some gyms provide TV screens and music, your own headphones will enable you to zone out and get motivated at your own pace.

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Beats By DRE

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