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Is The Straight Razor Worth Trying?

Male hairstyles and facial hair trends have changed dramatically over the past century. If you opt for a shaved look, you have to deal with issues like preventing razor burn and the task of shaving every other day or so. While for some men this isn’t a problem, others are looking for a different answer. Is this where the straight razor makes an entrance? We get expert answers from Clare Weyers of Elite Beauty School in Essex.

When we talk of the straight razor, the image of a 1920s barber shop may come to mind. It’s not as frequent a sight these days, but both in the barbers and at home, the straight razor is making a comeback. While new razors are quick and easy to use, the good ol’ fashioned straight razor certainly has its benefits.

What Does Using a Straight Razor Involve?  

Using a straight razor is often seen as the luxury way to shave. It’s much more than simply a razor and shaving foam. As well as the razor, it’s the accompanying necessities which add class and high-quality shaving to the process. 

The Razor: The straight razor is a sharp blade used for removing facial hair. Like many grooming products, investing in a decent straight razor gives the best results. Some of the vintage ones from the turn of the century are much cheaper and still work well. If you really want to splash out, you could even get a custom-made straight razor.  

Brush and Scuttle: These are essential tools for a straight razor, but what exactly are they? A brush is self-explanatory; you need a good brush to evenly apply shaving cream to reach all the hairs wishing to be removed. A scuttle is used to keep the brush warm to help create a lather. Some men just prefer to use a mug or something ceramic to keep the water hot.

Shaving Creams & Aftercare Cream: If you’re going for luxury and spending money on a straight razor, you want the right shaving cream to go with it. We’re not talking about stuff you buy from the supermarket shelf in a can; high-quality shaving cream is the way to go. You should also invest in some aftercare cream, so pick one which you like the smell of and makes your skin feel good. 

Strop: This is used to straighten and polish the blade. Over time, the blade can receive some wear and tear and become blunt. A strop is used to maintain the quality of the blade and enables it to continue to give you a close shave. Using all these products combined creates the ultimate straight razor experience. If you want to invest, it’s a good idea to shop around for the best products, particularly a razor that you feel comfortable holding.

What are the Benefits of a Straight Razor? 

A Closer Shave and Better Results: there’s no doubt that if you make the move to using a straight razor, it takes some getting used to — and requires some skill to get right. If you’re trying it out for the first time, check out some step-by-step guidance on how to work the magic of the straight razor. While at first you may be slow and have to learn the right angle to hold the razor, over time, you’ll become used to it. What’s more, as you become more comfortable with it, you’ll find that you get a better shave. Once you have the technique down, you can learn how to maneuver the razor perfectly over your face.  

It’s a Long-Term Money Saver: buying a quality straight razor and all of the other necessities can seem like a lot of money upfront. However, in the long run, it works out as much more affordable than constantly buying disposable razors and shaving foam.

More Environmentally Friendly: using disposable razors is bad for the environment. You constantly have to buy packaging and then throw that and the razor away, and keep replenishing the supply. The straight razor can last for years, cutting down any waste from disposable razors. So, are you interested in learning more or feel you’re ready to try a straight razor? Head down to your local barber and have a straight razor shave carried out by a pro. If you like the look and feel, it could be something you can invest in yourself, and a real game-changer to your grooming routine once mastered.

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