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Introducing Maven Watches

Experience this début watch collection which marks a distinctive signature of natural landscape and modern cityscape. Stationed in Hong Kong, Maven Watches offers a superior build quality utilising finest Italian leather, sapphire crystal glass and stainless steel with an emphasis on pure materials and exquisite design. Their Urban Nature collection is a blend of antique elegance and earthy tones which resonates with the urban metropolis. It can easily fit your dapper suit or casual street look for a cosmopolitan luxury brand that is, in fact, affordable.

Created with Swiss Ronda movement, their watch is both aesthetic and durable for everyday use, which is unequivocally a great attraction for watch aficionados as collectable models or fashion marvels. Whether you are a fashionista, hippie, bohemian, hipster or dandy, be prepared to break the wall with this bona fide fashion statement of unstructured minimalism.

Maven provides different stripes of minimalism whether as a clean-lined or sophisticated signature aesthetic, incorporating both sensuality and simplicity for high quality basics. Together, we unravel the secret behind The Enduring Series which is based on a genuine marble stone dial with each watch defined by a unique birthmark. The watch comes in two binary colours, black and white, each captures the simplistic or mystical appeal of the stone.

The Artisan Series infuses a vintage aura which underscores the marriage of dynamic nature and modern architecture. Their impeccable craftsmanship makes this a stylish and infinitely wearable collection that is also tied to nature, giving it a sensual and powerful play of classic timepiece. Tap into this exciting trend and share mutual affinity of carefully crafted personal wear which comes in eclectic colour mixes: matte Black, brushed rose gold, champagne gold, dusty olive or brushed silver.

Do not hesitate to add this refined timepiece to your wardrobe essentials for an understated, luxe yet minimalist look. Learn how to perfectly this wear by visiting their Indiegogo page.

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