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2017 Men’s Jewellery Trends

London, New York, and Milan fashion weeks have been and gone for summer/spring 2017. They were full of texture, colour and wacky designs that somehow still looked amazing. This year the fashion industry seems to be all about the men; no longer is this industry overrun with women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. The men’s fashion world is bold, handsome and working well on these famous catwalks. At the top of the trend list this year is men’s jewellery. This isn’t just watches and cufflinks but necklaces, bangles, bracelets and rings that are accessorising spring/summer and fall collections to perfection. If you are on the look out for the best menswear buys in 2017, here are some jewellery trends to watch out for:

Signature Personalised Bracelets 

Gone are the days when men’s jewellery meant nothing but cufflinks. This year there seems to be a craze for signature bangles, statement pieces that are metallic, chunky, and yet perfect for every day. British designer, Daniella Draper has created a range of signature gold/silver bangles that can be personalised. These men’s bangles are perfect for nights out, special occasions or even for everyday wear. You can personalise the bangle with names or an inspirational quote to really make this piece your own. These look great for work, out for dinner or even a special occasion as the gold or silver coordinate well with a range of different colours. This means after treating yourself to a piece of bespoke British jewellery at least you can then wear it all day every day.

Much More Than Just Leather 

Along with these metallic delights, it is leather that is making a comeback to men’s fashion. The dark or even bright colours of the leather are being used for chokers, bracelets and even rings. Working with denim, shirts and even suits, the leather look is here to stay. If you are staying ahead of trends with leather jewellery you need to be looking for big statement pieces as well as bright coloured leather. Try leather rings or chunky leather bracelets that will impact upon your outfit. This will help you keep up with the trends and stand out from the crowd.

No More Chunky Chains  

Everyone loves a good chain necklace, and back in the day we even loved chains attached to the back of our jeans. We not only felt cool but looked like one of Justin Timberlake’s best friends, what more could you ask for? However, 2017 seems to be avoiding chunky chains and instead opting for delicate chain necklaces and bracelets that make the pendant or charm the most important feature. This slick look at men’s jewellery means that masculine and boyish chains are being overtaken by elegant yet statement pieces of jewellery. To keep up with this trend you need to be looking for pieces that are elegant, simple, and yet eye-catching. It might sound like hard work but once you realise that multi-coloured beading and heavy chains are outdated, the rest is up to you. Stay on trend this year by following these 2017 jewellery must haves.

Gemstone Rings 

If you look up agate and turquoise stone meaning on the internet, you will know that both have always been among the indispensable elements of jewelry designs but rarely seen in men’s collections. This year, silver rings with natural gemstones are on an increasing trend with some outstanding designs. In addition to the attention silver rings attract due to their stylish designs, they are a focus of interest because of their physical and mental benefits the gemstones are believed to have.

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