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Find Your Summer Fitness Sport

Research shows that the UK’s most popular sport is swimming, closely followed by running, football and cycling - sports we succeeded at, at The Olympic Games last year. Did you know 15.74 million people play a type of sport in the UK and over 2.5 million people implemented swimming as part of their weekly routine in 2015/16? Did you know over 1.8 million people in the UK love to play football at least once a week and interest in athletics has risen by an incredible 85% since 2005/6.

The thing is, focusing on your fitness doesn’t just need to be gym orientated; there is a myriad of ways to get exercising. Particularly now that the days are getting lighter and the chill in the air is lessening. You’ll have probably booked your summer getaway already, but with that comes the prospect of getting yourself ready for the beach.


Although it might feel like a slog, focusing on your health and fitness can be fun, and you can reach your goal if you’re persistent. To get yourself in the warm weather mood, give brighter tones a go. Deep sea blues, bright oranges, and lime colours are a sure-fire way of staying ahead with your style when you’re setting yourself up for a good exercise session. Some of us aren’t particularly drawn to a specific sport, but would still like to keep fit. However, that’s a catch 22 situation that many of us find ourselves in, where we aren’t overly interested in an activity and so don’t pursue any other form of exercise. It’s for this reason that Superdry created a fun quiz to determine what sport would best suit you.


Are you a gymnast? Or do you prefer a sprint or long distance jog? Perhaps you’ve got the knack for swinging a golf club, or smashing a tennis ball across a court? The quiz considers the basics; your age, height, current exercise routine, and the more unusual; your preferred stamina, agility and team/individual sport preference.


Superdry said: “we understand that many of us are at a loss with where to start when it comes to starting a fitness journey. Getting an exercise kick can come from both the gym or a particular sport, so we wanted to show you that there is so much on offer that you could try. Your health is incredibly important, so whether you’re up for a five minute HIIT session or a full 90-minute kick about, our quiz is worth trying."


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