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What You Should Know About Increasing Fitness

At the end of a busy working day, the last thing you want to be worrying about is fitting in an hour of exercise. However, with new research suggesting that more than 20 million Britons are ‘physically inactive’, there's never been a better time to get moving and give your body some love. If you're planning on upping your exercise, we've put together everything you need to know.

You’ll need the right clothes 

Before you even begin your new exercise regime, you should take the time to find the right clothes for the job. Head to your nearest sports retailer and buy a comfortable pair of trainers and some clothes that you can wear while you work out. GQ has put together the best men’s workout gear if you want to look good while you sweat, with pieces from J Crew, Bonobos and Dusk.

It’ll take some time  

It's important to note that, even if you're pumping the gym for hours a day, it will take some time to increase your fitness levels. Instead of overdoing it in the gym, which can lead you to suffer from symptoms such as chest pains and aching muscles, you should follow the age-old motto – slow and steady wins the race. Heading to the gym or going for a walk three or four times a week will be more beneficial than spending hours in the gym one day and having a week-long break. Consistency is key, so make exercise part of your everyday routine.

There’s an easier way to kick-start your new regime  

Perhaps the most challenging part of a new fitness regime is getting the motivation to begin in the first place. Sometimes, a documentary, a passing comment from a colleague or a big event in your life can spark you with the motivation you need to make a change, while others require a gentle push to get started. If you’re looking for a way to kick-start your regime, then consider taking part in one of the fitness boot camps offered by Prestige Boot Camps. Not only can you learn everything you need to know from a professional, but you’ll be able to exercise abroad in one of the company’s luxury villas or apartments.

It won’t be easy  

Unfortunately, the best things in life aren’t always easy to achieve. If you’re physically inactive and want to improve your fitness levels, then the process will be challenging. The chances are that, at times, you’ll feel tired and won’t want to spend your evenings exercising when you could be sat in front of the television with a bottle of wine, but it’s important that you focus on your goals and stay pumped throughout your journey. We recommend partnering with a friend or loved one so that you can get fit together and cheer each other on when you’re running low on inspiration. It’s always easier when you know someone is going through the same hard work as you are.

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